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A lot of moneyed interests have been keenly trying to keep ahead on the latest abilities of neural networks to identify trade strategies for stocks and other financial assets. Simply speaking, trading is ideally suited to AI applications, given its trove of historical data and real-time information. Marcie Terman, head of the Communications Division of First Global Credit, had this to say about the potential of AI and crypto markets 5.

Some open-source development projects provide evidence that she s correct. For those crypto traders looking to test their own algorithms or AI-created trade strategies, some projects have been created by enterprising coders. Gekko Trade platform for automating trading strategies over crpyto markets. com askmike gekko Zenbot Command-line trading bot that uses Node.

js and MongoDB; supports multiple crypto-currencies. com carlos8f zenbot Tribeca Market making trading bot. It connects direct to several crypto-currency exchanges. Other Crypto-currency AI Examples. Numerai is a hedge fund based in San Francisco. It was founded in October of 2015. 6 AI algorithms perform its trades, and those algorithms are submitted by data scientists on a monthly basis, in return for the possibility of obtaining some Numerai tokens a token created on the Ethereum network.

The hedge fund trades stock market securities, not crypto-currency, however; it uses the value of the Numerai token only as a reward for the contributing data scientists. Catalyst is a crypto-currency trade platform founded by former MIT students. 8 They released their whitepaper on June 6, 2017, describing Catalyst in more detail 9. The main goal of Catalyst is to serve as a one-stop shop for developers or quantitative traders who are interested in developing trading strategies that operate in the expanding domain of crypto-markets.

Developers can utilize the myriad of data sources that will be made available through our plat-form, and will be served through Enigma s peer-to-peer data marketplace protocol, to build their models, back-test them according to historical data, as well as put their strategies to the test in a simulated or real trading environment.

We are also creating a data marketplace to drive better crypto-investment decisions. Algorithmic trading, and in particular, strategies based on AI models, are only as good as the input data fed to them. The ecosystem surrounding crypto-markets is still in its early days and relevant data sources are scarce and fragmented. The team is conducting an ICO to fund development of their project, scheduled to run from September 11 to September 21.

AI and the XRP Ledger. AI s ICO from July 1 to July 14 of this year raised ten million dollars. 11 The group has a business plan to execute proprietary algorithms for arbitrage and market making. There is room while cryptocurrency markets are still in their infancy for AI developers to create systems that learn to identify profit opportunities in these young, highly volatile markets.

Their approach is to provide liquidity and matching orders using AI algorithms. To initiate the ICO, the team released a whitepaper 13 that described their architecture; the whitepaper caught people s attention when they noticed that a decision had been made by Rialto to utilize gateways within the XRP Ledger.

The greatest potential to be exploited is in creating the market between gateways within the Ripple payment protocol. Ripple Solutions. In addition to third parties building on the XRP Ledger, Ripple has also ventured into artificial intelligence. On April 27 thAsheesh Birla, Vice president of product at Ripple, was quoted as saying 14. We have a very robust research team that is looking at ways to increase our efficiency machine learning for fraud detection, compliance.

We want to be on the forefront of machine learning and AI in the same way we are on the forefront of blockchain. In Summary XRP Ledger Use Cases AI. In addition to market making use cases, other core use cases of XRP might also benefit from third party AI solutions and integration. ForEx Trading Arbitrage Trading Big Data Analysis. The XRP Ledger is open and anybody can build these applications to study and use the data sets from the XRP Ledger history; one of the tools of modern AI is the training aspect whereby data sets are targeted for analysis and learning.

As AI becomes a standard part of trading software, expect to see more institutional fund managers asking for the full history of the XRP Ledger as they start to invest more of their assets into XRP s future. The stock market and maybe even the entire global economy, is due for a possible correction. The experts have been weighing in on this topic for some time, and 2017 is no different.

He successfully predicted the market collapse in 2008, and has stated that the next one will be even more devastating 1. John Hussman, a Stanford University Economics PhD, is president of the mutual fund Hussman Investment Trust. He successfully predicted the tech crash of 2000 and has managed funds with assets of seven billion dollars. In March of this year he was quoted as saying that the current environment is.

One of the experts to consider is Tom Forester. the most broadly overvalued moment in market history. He agrees with Tom Forester in saying that the overvaluation is not contained within one sectorbut instead is more widespread. The scary thing about John Hussman s warning. Is XRP Destined to Be a Safe Haven Asset. They are not alone; in one recent article on August 4 rth of this year, Brett Arends, a columnist from MarketWatch, indicated that multiple economic metrics are flashing red.

The US National Debt is at its highest dollar value ever. 84 trillion dollars. Congress has set a limit for the national debt at 19. 81 trillion, and experts predict that if Congress doesn t suspend the limit on the national debt, that economic catastrophe could ensue. 4 They have until the end of September to raise the national debt limit before the government will stop paying its bondholders on time or deferring bills. Now that we ve established that a correction might be in our near future, what will people do if a stock market crash happens.

The answer Sell, sell, sell. The typical safe haven assets recommended by financial advisors include 6. US Treasury Bills Gold Swiss Franc ForEx Sector-leading stocks. One source I found added to this list 7. Farmland Silver Other Foreign Currencies. Where Do People Put Their Cash After Selling Off Stocks. If you think about it, it s almost a perfect hedge against currencies changing value; farmland will always have value, and will usually retain or increase its value over time at a steady pace.

Does it shock you to see farmland. The utility of farmland is what sets it apart from any speculative value associated with other types of real estate. Of the choices in the above list, almost all pundits agree that gold and other precious metals are the gold standard when it comes to moving your money to a safe haven.

Gold, Silver and Crypto-currency. Here s my observation about the people that were posting on discussion forums; a lot of them were previously enthusiastic about gold and silver and now they were investigating crypto-currencies as a possible alternative to fiat-backed currency. When I say gold and silver fans, there are two broad categories in my humble opinion.

Libertarian Fans Financial Defense Fans. I ve been trading and investing in crypto-currencies since 2013. The Libertarian gold and silver fans were the ones I saw posting on crypto-currency chat forums, and they were very much interested in the possibility of having a currency that was not subject to the political whims of a government. It was and is a noble viewpoint for motivating a person to investigate crypto-currency, and that crowd still dominates more than one online forum.

The Financial Defense fans were more pragmatic, and were interested in whether a crypto-currency could somehow be tied to gold, silver, or other precious metal prices, represent bullion, or otherwise serve as a mechanism for efficient buying and selling of these hedge assets outside the mainstream regulated market channels. Sometimes individuals were both they were interested in crypto-currency for its own sake, and also for the possibility of trading in gold or silver.

Why is Gold Considered the Best Safe Haven Historically. To answer this question, and also understand why some investors are reluctant to look at US treasury bills or the US dollar as a defense against an economic downturn, you have to understand a little about the history of money itself. A Two Minute History of Money. Money was originally established sometime around 2500 BC, and most money was denominated in precious-metal based coins that contained an inherent value of gold, silver, or copper.

Counter-party money is a recent phenomenon. The term counter party means that one person is handing you a paper IOU that says that I owe you this amount. Although the Chinese created a type of paper-based currency issued and backed by the emperor, 8 in all other areas of the world, counter-party money was more rare than precious-metal coins, and usually was a guarantee of a precious-metal payment by the person issuing the note, or debt.

Then things started to change. Banks began issuing bank notes instead of coins in the 1600 s in Europe; and in colonial America, the new government was the first to issue paper money as IOUs. 1933 No More Gold Standard. Understand that these are just my own labelsand it s done only with respect for the reasoning behind each one of these camps. To stimulate the economy in the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt cut the dollar s guarantee of gold redemption. 10 While economic historians give this decision credit for getting the US out of the Great Depression, it also ushered in an era where paper dollars were no longer viewed as credit extended by the populace to the government, but instead as a currency backed by the full faith and taxing authority of the federal government.

What If Something Happens to US Credit. That s the whole point of gold. While safe haven assets protect against economic downturn, gold also has the ability to protect against governmental collapse. In the United States, we don t think about this possibility; but in other third-world countries, the collapse of a national currency can be a very real threat.

Can XRP Serve the Same Purpose as Gold. Gold has no counter-party risk. Once you own it, it has an inherent value and utility to others. There is a demand for it, and there is a market for it. XRP has no counter-party risk. Once you own it, it has a market value ascribed by those that trade in crypto-currencies, and by those that use it for its utility. There is a limited supply of gold in the world. There is a limited supply of XRP in the world.

Is XRP Better than Gold. You have to decide that for yourself. It s a store of value. XRP s scalability, transactions per second, banking adoption numbers, and network utility dwarf anything else that crypto-currency has to offer. 12 It can be traded instantly across the world and converted into other world currencies. Once purchased, it can be stored securely and accessed only by the owner via a cryptographic key. XRP is not dependent on the world economy or on the continued existence of a specific government; it exists in a distributed network that doesn t rely on any one person or organization.

Many people are discovering crypto-currency in 2017. When the year started, the combined market capitalization of the entire crypto-currency market was listed at 17. Meet the New Investors. 7 billion dollars. 1 If you plot the growth of the entire crypto-currency industry on a standard chart, you end up with a graphic depiction of one of the fastest-growing sectors in economic history. Crypto Market Capitalization Growth in 2017 billions.

This diagram reveals that the entire crypto market has already grown 620 percen t in eight months. Keep in mind that even though the rate of growth is impressive, it s reflective of industry adoption whose momentum has been obstructed by difficult technical barriers to entry for the common investor. It s not easy getting your fiat money converted into the crypto universe; and even after you ve accomplished that, it s a learning process to determine which exchanges you re going to use to purchase your preferred currency, and how to safely store your investment.

And it might just be the best new safe haven asset. Wanting to participate in a growing industry whose rate of return has been measured in thousands of percent for the leading crypto choices, some traditional sources of capital are starting to take notice. Retail investors are starting to catch on. A recent article revealed that upwards of 70 hedge funds are planning on adding some of the top crypto-currency choices to their portfolios.

While the investment funds that were comprised of early adopters posted eye-popping returns, other funds are heeding this iq option binarias apk trend. The current group are primarily comprised of early adopters and recent risk-taking converts. The current group has been studied in terms of its demographic makeup 4. We can expect a lot of newcomers in the crypto investor community, and they re not going to be like the current group of crypto owners.

From the above survey results, it s apparent that the crypto industry s current group of investors is heavily skewed towards younger males. In addition, most of those younger males responding are likely to be in technology; this demographic is all about to change. We are about to see an enormous influx of investment. The secret is out, and it s getting a lot of press; crypto is the up-and-coming technical market that has yet to achieve its full potential. The collective attention of many fund managers and ordinary traders is squarely on crypto-currency.

As a result of this attention, we can expect to see massive waves of investment. While some celebrities have been claiming that Bitcoin and its like are in a bubble, the numbers don t support this. Here is a bubble chart that depicts the current size of the crypto market compared to the size of the dotcom bubble at the height of its valuations 5. While it s not desirable to repeat the mistakes of bubble investing, the graphic serves the purpose of demonstrating that the investor reach and interest in crypto-currency has not peaked; in fact, I would expect the ultimate size of any bubble in crypto-currency to be much larger given its global reach compared to the relative focus of the Dotcom bubble in primarily western stock markets.

What does it mean for XRP. To answer what investing behavior and choices we can expect of this additional capital flowing into crypto, and its affect on XRP valuation, we have to examine it from two different perspectives the retail investor and the fund manager. Retail Investors. We re already familiar with the demographics of the current crypto-currency investment community; but the makeup of our new set of retail investors are anything but what we ve already seen. They will be comprised of a much more diverse constituency and will include groups that are currently under-represented in crypto investing Women, retirees, hobby investors, stock market day traders, and traditional ForEx traders.

It s always perilous to make generalizations about demographic groups. Even so, indulge me a moment and think about how the new group might be different from the current group based on age bracket alone. More demanding from an end-user perspective i. higher standards for graphical user interfaces. 6 Less technically proficient than the early adopters of crypto 7 Note that this doesn t seem to be true of older tech workers, 8 but only for the older general population Greater financial resources per new investor 9 More trusting of mainstream media 10 Higher percentage usage of mainstream investing services i.retail investment companies like JP Morgan 11 More risk-averse 12.

You may be starting to draw some conclusions already about the different makeup of the group that is about to adopt crypto; just make a mental note about these generalizations for now and whether you agree or disagree with them. Fund Managers. Fund managers respond to investor interest while at the same time trying to satiate their investors expectations for the focus and goal of the fund.

Each one of these asset portfolio managers will act differently according to the type of fund being managed. Arbitrage Funds try to exploit price differences between markets. I expect to see more of these types of funds, given myriad examples of price differences for the same crypto-currency on different exchanges and in specific countries. Arbitrage fund managers will target those markets with the highest differences by exchange or geographic region in an effort to capitalize on these differences.

To effectively execute arbitrage strategies, sometimes these fund managers must hold a pool of the underlying asset. While it might seem like arbitrage fund managers might not be concerned about the actual asset, they must also look at the true underlying value of what they re trading. This means that in addition to market inefficiencies, they must consider the inherent strength of the asset they are holding and trading from a long-term perspective if they plan on maintaining any significant reserves.

Value Funds look for undervalued assets. 15 This requires the greatest amount of research and evaluation. To truly identify growth opportunities, value fund managers will conduct scenario analysis and deeply evaluate an offering s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. While value fund managers do use technical analysis as one of their tools, they also balance it with careful consideration of an asset s business value and its probability of dramatically increasing to a more appropriate price reflection by the market.

When you think of value funds, it s the same concept as a music producer discovering a young singer that has the vocal capabilities of Sia or Bruno Mars. Growth Funds are just the opposite of value funds. 16 They follow the maxim the crowd is not wrong. They pile onto already-identified winners iq option binarias apk continue the momentum. Those two are already recognized as industry leaders and have already led the pack multiple times in terms of valuation.

The equivalent in stock investing would be buying more Google or Apple stock. By buying more of it, the growth fund manager is betting that further price appreciation is still possible. The growth fund manager still must conduct a SWOT analysis, but technical analysis is also very important at quickly identifying when a stoppage of further growth has occurred. Hybrids are sub-categories of growth funds or value funds. One type of hybrid fund is the index fund.

It usually has a representative sample of a iq option binarias apk market. The fund managers for index funds will need to identify their representative sample based on factors such as volume and market capitalization. 17 Index funds are attractive to investors who are betting that an entire industry will appreciate in value. Even within the category of index funds, there are different flavors.

One popular type of fund is one that invests by country. Evaluation of Crypto Investments Through a New Lens. Now that we know who the new investors are in crypto for the foreseeable future, what kind of evaluation will this new group do when considering their investment portfolio. Many of the funds that have expressed interest in adding crypto to their existing portfolio have indicated that they will be focusing on the top five or top ten by market capitalization.

One recognized tool in stock comparisons is to use a checklist. If retail investors also follow this pattern, we can expect both groups to do a considerable amount of comparative analysis among the top choices. A standard checklist for evaluation of the underlying crypto-currency would look something like this. Market Capitalization Payment Settlement Speed Transaction Cost Transactions Per Second Distribution Stability Years in Existence Number of Accounts Transaction Validation Approach ILP Enabled or Plugin Exists Number of Exchanges Governance Model code changes Governance Model ecosystem Organization Type Country of Organization Registration Number of Developers Employees Business Model to Fund Development Liquidity of Network Business Plans of Organization Existing Market Adoption Market Momentum Media Coverage.

The above list is based on my own list of considerations when I was first researching crypto-currencies in 2013. While Bitcoin was firstI knew it was not the best from a technological standpoint. Do not underestimate the last three business factors in this checklist. Fund managers will definitely be doing this analysis, and since they re controlling assets at a much greater level than a normal stakeholder, they will conduct a much more thorough evaluation.

Retail investors that are interested in identifying long-term investments will also be doing this analysis, as will short-term and day traders looking for a safe landing area with their liquidity between riskier trades. For myself, the journey that lead me to XRP started with a comparison, and continued with outcomes from scenario analysis. Bad things iq option binarias apk in crypto. For Bitcoin, it seems that one of their weakest points has been code governance.

The developers, business associations, and the miner consortiums that comprise the Bitcoin ecosystem do not seem to agree on much 21 lately, and as a result, we now have Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. The entire summer of 2017 exhibited muted price movement, or even declines in some cases, for the top ten choices; the entire market suffered because of bad press coverage of Bitcoin governance. I bring this up as an example because I don t want readers to miss that Ripple is on its seventieth version.

22 When Ripple architects create an update to improve the network, there is no conflict and fork; instead there is only anticipation for new features. While comparative analysis with an organized checklist can reveal much, each investor or fund manager should also chart out different business scenarios and their associated probabilities, along with some assumptions around what each would do to the price of the crypto-currency. However, in addition to the technology of the idea or solution, its necessary to take many real-world considerations into account as well, as we ve seen from Bitcoin s dominance from 2009 through today.

The New Investors Will Discover XRP. I challenge you to create your own checklist as well, even if you re a more diversified investor than myself; this technique should reveal much to you about your choices, and may even reveal some new investment candidates for you. If I m correct, you will find out for yourself why XRP is going to be a very strong choice for the new investors.

For me, the journey was arduous when I dove into each crypto-currency and attempted to rate them according to objective criteria. When I did this, it revealed one with the stark contrast I was looking for; Some of the new retail investors and fund managers will be so overwhelmed by XRP s qualifications that they might ask what s the catch. And the wonderful answer for them.

Hodor s Recent Posts. Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together Ripple XRP June 3, 2018 xRapid Tipping Point Reached. May 30, 2018 Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain Tech and Crypto Asset Investing May 26, 2018 XRP The Best Crypto Choice for Long-Term Investors May 22, 2018 Ripple, XRP, and Blockchain Week in NYC May 18, 2018. I am also NOT qualified to be giving any investment advice whatsoever.

Ripple s Corporate Web Site XRP Unofficial Public Forum Interledger Protocol. Before making any investment especially in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, I urge you to consult with a professional. Also, even though I am personally very pro-XRP and believe in its potential, I do not know what the future will bring for XRP price please invest at your own risk and always Do Your Own Research DYOR. Disclaimer I am not affiliated with Ripple the company. 5 September 11, 2020 ; 3 days ago 2020-09-11 3 iOS 3.

17 September 11, 2020 ; 3 days ago 2020-09-11 4 Desktop 1. 1 September 11, 2020 ; 3 days ago 2020-09-11 5 Preview release Android 4. 4 beta September 12, 2020 ; 2 days ago 2020-09-12 6 7 iOS 3. 2 August 18, 2020 ; 27 days ago 2020-08-18 8 Desktop 1. 2 September 11, 2020 ; 3 days ago 2020-09-11 9 Repository. 61 موضوع در این تالار قرار دارد. config CONFIG Netflix NEW API IOS FULL CAPTURE HIGH CPM.

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11 پاسخ 437 بازدید larrabia 14 شهریور 1399. IQOPTION SB Config. 1 پاسخ 156 بازدید NENOKING 14 شهریور 1399. config SB MeetMe Edited Fixed By Mr. 3 پاسخ 195 بازدید salarp2018 14 شهریور 1399. آمارهای کاربران. آمارهای تالار گفتگو. simple IQ Options API code. 2 display every 1 second account balance, current strike price, current asset pair, last trade result from trade history. 1 connect to IQ option api demo real. Budget 12-30 SGD. 3 code must be in python.

Project ID 18021915. 10 freelancers are bidding on average 31 for this job. Hello, I went through your project description and i think i can help you. I do have good experience in hitting REST APIs and getting data out of it. Experienced Python developers with expertise in web application development using Django, Flask, etc.and scrapping crawling scripts using Scrapy framework.

Over the last 8 years, I have developed a wide range of com More. Hello There, I have rich experience in working with python API. I have also done web scrapping, automation using python, siluki, selenium etc. I would like to do your project. Message me for more details. Hey I can do python IQ API for your project. We can discuss your requirements in more detail on chat and let s get started. I have a lot of experience, which also reflects in my work. You will get best results. Looking More.

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