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Tujuan kami adalah untuk mempromosikan iqoption. Informasi yang disediakan di situs ini mungkin tidak up to date jadi silakan selalu memeriksa IQ Option official website. Rincian kontak resmi. telepon 44 20 8068 0760 London 44 80 0069 8644 Toll-free email email protected. Mengikuti berita, harga saham naik di atas 100resistensi psikologis yang sangat penting yang belum pernah dicapai sejauh ini oleh perusahaan yang dipimpin oleh Satya Nadella.

Microsoft, perusahaan komputer pelopor dalam bidang sistem operasi, terus membedakan bisnisnya. Following the news, the price of the shares rises above 100a very important psychological resistance that has never been reached so far by the company led by Satya Nadella. With the latest appreciation of the action Microsoft even surpasses Alphabet as market capitalization and remains behind only Amazon and Apple.

The first rumors about the agreement, whose details are still private, seem to indicate an evaluation of GitHub around 2 billion dollars. In a surprise move on Friday, he acquired GitHub, the world s leading provider of shared code development services. In this case, an attentive trader should be ready to position even short if the acquisition had cost much more than expected by the market and or if this operation was financed by an increase in shares.

This eventuality, however, it seems remote given the strong liquidity that the company founded by Bill Gates has. GitHub has recently had problems with the transformation of its business into profits it is hoped that this acquisition, also because of the possible integration with Microsoft services, such as Office, can lead to an increase of the same. 19659005 All analysts expect that remote work in general, and that related to software development in particular, will continue to be increasingly a resource used by companies; therefore it is easy to assume an increase in turnover in the coming years.

With this acquisition the Redmond company strongly strengthens its range of services and products, making it more diverse than its direct competitors and not. For example, both Apple and Alphabet have no presence in the gaming segment, a segment in which Microsoft has managed to carve out large slices of the market thanks to the family of products that revolves around the Xbox brand.

Even in the very strong growth segment of intelligence artificial the company can boast a solid framework linked to the Azure ecosystem, second only to that of Google. Ultimately, Microsoft presents itself as a company much more complete than its competitors, able to benefit, therefore, from the growth of different segments in the contemporary information society. If the transaction is confirmed and respects the amounts envisaged by the market it is easy to assume an appreciation of a further 10 over a period of one month.

Microsoft, the pioneer computer company in the field of operating systems, continues to differentiate its business. Microsoft purchases GitHub. Microsoft đang dự tính mua lại GitHub. Theo những thông tin được Redmond tiết lộ, tập đoàn công nghệ Microsoft đang dự tính mua lại trang web mã nguồn GitHub. Trang Bloomberg cho biết đã trích dẫn những người thân cận với vấn đềthậm chí còn khẳng định thương vụ này sẽ được công bố sớm nhất là trong nay mai. Tin tức trên xuất hiện sau khi hai bên được báo cáo là đã có một số cuộc thảo luận hồi cuối tuần trước.

Thoả thuận này hoàn toàn phù hợp với chiến lược phát triển của Microsoft, bởi gã khổng lồ phần mềm vẫn đang tích cực chiêu mộ các nhà phát triển lập trình. Còn về phần GitHub, công ty này có lẽ đã bị ấn tượng bởi CEO Microsoft Satya Nadella, người mà luôn chủ động săn đón nguồn nhân lực trong mảng lập trình kể từ khi đảm nhận trọng trách chèo lái Microsoft kể từ năm 2014.

Cơ hội cho các nhà phát triển tạo nên tác động toàn diện lên mọi mặt của xã hội chưa bao giờ lớn như ở hiện tại, CEO Nadella phát biểu tại hội nghị Build hồi năm ngoái. Nhưng đi kèm với cơ hội này là những trách nhiệm nặng nề tương xứng. Thương vụ mua lại GitHub sẽ mang về cho Microsoft khả năng tiếp cận đến với 27 triệu nhà phát triển phần mềm nhưng không phải ai cũng cảm thấy hào hứng trước việc đánh mất sự độc lập.

GitHub, trong khi đó, tiếp tục vật lộn trong công cuộc tìm người thay thế cho Chris Wanstrath, gần một năm sau ngày anh tuyên bố sẽ rời khỏi vị trí CEO. Hồi đầu năm nay, GitHub đã bị dính lần tấn công DDoS lớn nhất trong lịch sử, tuy vậy trang web này đã nhanh chóng khôi phục tình hình chỉ sau 10 phút. Chi tiết của thoả thuận mau bán sáp nhập, cũng như tác động của nó lên cộng đồng GitHub, hiện vẫn chưa được công bố. Các bạn biết chúng tôi chẳng bao giờ bình luận gì về những kiểu tin đồn như này mà.

Trả lời yêu cầu xin được bình luận của TechCrunchPhó Chủ tịch cấp cao của Microsoft về Truyền thông Frank X. Shaw tuyên bố ngắn gọn. The deal faces regulatory approval from Europe and the U. The very thought sent chills up my spine, and there were outcries from software developers and blockchain enthusiasts around the world. After all, Bitcoin and most other blockchain projects have been using GitHub to store their code and make changes.but there s little doubt it will pass, and by the end of the summer GitHub will be part of Microsoft.

What will happen once Microsoft, once known as one of the staunchest opponents of open-source software becomes the owner of the very hub of open-source software. What plans does Microsoft have for GitHub. Let s dig in and see some of the possible implications of this surprising and historic purchase. Do we need to worry. One of the very first things that happened is people began moving their projects away from GitHub. The Initial Fallout. In fact, their competitor GitLab has said that they ve seen 10x the number of repositories being created since Sunday.

They also claimed 13,000 repository migrations in the first 24 hours after the announcement. Of course there are 85 million repositories, so this was just a drop in the bucket. It s also interesting that one of the busiest repositories after the announcement was one that included a script for migrating your GitHub repository to GitLab.

In fact, the developers said the move would be fairly easy as they already keep a backup repository on GitLab. And in the blockchain space privacy coin Monero was one of the first to announce the possibility of leaving GitHub. But they went on to say they could keep GitHub as the backup repository, meaning they aren t fully convinced the Microsoft purchase will mean bad things for GitHub.

And what about the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. They ve had their code repository on GitHub since the start, but does it make any difference to the Bitcoin Foundation who owns the open-source repository. Granted this is only the opinion of one man, but in a post-announcement tweet Wladimir van der Laan said that the BTC repository should move, asserting. No real hurry, but I expect this is the beginning of a long painful road of GH toward obsolescence, possibly ending the same way CodePlex did.

While there is nothing to suggest, at this stage, that Microsoft is posed to start hiking fees and plundering data, its ownership of a community that prides itself on decentralization is hard for many to stomach. What are Microsoft s Intentions. Many don t know it, but Microsoft already has more than 2 million repositories on GitHub, and says it is the most active user on the platform.

Which is quite possible given the huge number of repositories and the large number of developers and projects at Microsoft. This by itself doesn t make Microsoft s intentions pure, and in fact you can be sure they will have their shareholders in mind far more than the continuance of open source development. The following 5 implementations are directly from a speech given by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood, GitHub co-founder and current CEO Chris Wanstrath, and incoming GitHub CEO and Xamarin founder Nat Friedman following the announcement of the acquisition.

Microsoft is completely onboard with open-source. This has been an evolving theme, and we have to remember that Satya Nadella is a different CEO than Steve Ballmer, who was fanatically against open-source software. Nadella has said GitHub will evolve using three broad strategies empower developers at every stage of the development lifecycle, accelerate GitHub use for enterprise developers, and use the platform to bring Microsoft s own developer tools to a wider audience.

Github will remain an open developer platform, and will retain its own identity and indepence, similar to what we ve already seen with the Minecraft and LinkedIn acquisitions. Remember that incoming CEO Nat Friedman has a long history of open-source support, and he says Microsoft will not be messing with what works with GitHub.

Instead the goal will be to make GitHub a better GitHub. Microsoft is committed to the cloud in all things, and will also plug GitHub into cloud services. Not just its own Azure Cloud Services, but also the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The plan is to give developers the tools and ability to code for cloud, mobile, edge computing, and the Internet of Things IoT. Microsoft is already planning on leveraging the GitHub marketplace to offer Microsoft developer tools and services.

Some of which are already open-source. Integration of Visual Studio Code will happen, but GitHub will continue to support other code editors so that developers can use any code editor they wish. There are also future plans to integrate Visual Studio Team Services to bring the functionality offered. Friedman has also emphasized that there will be no advertising implementation at GitHub, as Microsoft wants to avoid the damage that was done at SourceForge, which has become a swamp of ads and popups that have delayed downloads in favor of getting more ads in front of users.

Friedman has admitted. if Microsoft screws this up, we will lose the trust of developers for a generation. Is Microsoft Being Disingenuous. Upfront Microsoft is being very forthright in proclaiming their support for developers and open-source and GitHub, but what does this really mean. If you look at the implementation plans outlined above you ll see that Microsoft products will be integrated into GitHub, and given the past history of the company this could be a very tight integration.

Sure, developers will still have access to other tools, but the Microsoft products seem as if they will be put front and center. If Visual Studio Team Services are put forward for version control and this impacts usage of Git, does GitHub become VSTSHub. I think it does, and I also think this is exactly what Microsoft has planned.

Not in a shove it down your throat style, but a quiet, slow and stealthy manner that brings change in an unnoticed manner. At the end of the day Microsoft is a publicly traded company and its ultimate responsibility is to make profits for shareholders. While they may sound altruistic in their purchase of GitHub, they haven t spent 7.

5 billion without the full expectation for making that money and much more back in the future. You can be sure there were thousands of hours put into researching how to profit from GitHub, just as there were likely thousands of hours put into developing a plan that would allow for the purchase of GitHub without tipping their hand minimizing the number of developers who jump ship at the start. Go Where the Coders Are. Microsoft obviously sees that coding and software development are increasingly important in the 21st century, and they want to control the space where coders meet.

Unfortunately, coders, and especially the coders involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, are staunch supporters of decentralization, and just the fact that GitHub is now controlled by a centralized corporate entity is enough to send them searching for iqoption vip pastures. That s GitLab currently, but other alternatives include BitBucket and Keybase, which provides private repositories that are encrypted, with the Bitcoin blockchain used to anchor identities.

The bottom line is that Git is still the same open source version control system it s always been. GitHub is a platform for using the software, but leaving GitHub and moving to another provider is a trivial thing. Even those that wait for now to see how Microsoft might act can quickly move to another service if it begins to look as if Microsoft really doesn t have the best interests of open source and developers in mind.

Currently Microsoft is giving every impression that things will remain the same at GitHub, but they ve already given hints of changes to come. And those changes may include the current GitHub implementation. Yet, it s easy to see that they will actually promote Microsoft products and services. GitHub will retain its open source repositories, but it will become centralized.

Whether that makes it unsuitable for blockchain projects remains to be seen. The good news is that moving from GitHub to another platform that supports the use of Git is quite easy. In fact, many blockchain projects already have backups existing on GitLab or other Git platforms, making it easier still to simply leave a README at GitHub explaining the repository has been moved elsewhere. While Microsoft claims it isn t making any unwanted changes at GitHub, the truth is they would be unable to follow through with that.

They are beholden to shareholders, and will have to not only justify the 7. 5 billion purchase, but find a way to recover the cost and profits. And even if the current CEO and management team at Microsoft seems supportive of open source, that doesn t mean a new CEO couldn t come in who has the same attitude towards open source that Steve Ballmer was famous for.

Featured Image via Fotolia, Github and Microsoft. Posted in Analysis, News Tagged in Code, Developers, Github, Microsoft, Open Source. Se enfocan en temas tecnolГіgicos como aplicaciones web, cГіdigo abierto, redes sociales, y como estos aspectos afectan la vida de las personas. El BarCamp es una red internacional invierta con iq option de desconferencias eventos abiertos y participativoscuyo contenido es provisto por los participantes.

5 de septiembre de 2015. evento tecnolГіgico de la regiГіn. Fuente Wikipedia. Desde 2009 se realiza en la Ciudad de Milagro el BarCamp organizado en la Universidad Estatal de Milagro. Hemos alcanzado los siguientes hitos. 1400 asistentes. Delegaciones oficiales de 3 universidades del Ecuador. 5 salas simultГЎneas. 27 conferencias y talleres. TransmisiГіn en video online de las 5 salas. Conferencias y talleres. ВїDeseas EXPONER en una conferencia o taller en el BarCamp. Llena este formulario.

Si quieres registrarte como asistente hazlo en este enlace. Las charlas duran 45 minutos y los talleres 2 horas. A continuaciГіn las charlas y talleres registrados al momento. GNS3, Software para el aprendizaje de Networking. Leonardo PiГ a Campoverde. В leonardopc1991. В Audiencia NiГ os y Sector de la EducaciГіn. В BolГ var Vite. Giovanni Coronel. DiseГ o de Aplicaciones MГіviles. В bolivarvitev,В www.

Creando aplicaciones sobre Swift para iOS. В David Pulloquinga. В pulloquinga. В geekecuador. AgustГ n Chica Ruiz. В EdiciГіn profesional de vГ deos por computadora. Web Scraping. В Audiencia Universitaria, InnovanciГіn y Emprendimiento con TecnologГ as Abiertas. William MГ ndez,В Avanet Member, Voluntario en Mozilla Ecuador. Hacking con LibreOffice 5.

LibreOffice como herramienta hacking de escritorio, para minerГ a de datos, integraciГіn con la nube, CMSI, anГЎlisis y modelaciГіn estadГ stica, etc. Gabriela Reyes. Voluntaria en Mozilla Ecuador. В Developer, Yii Framework LГ der Free FACCI- Comunidad de Software Libre,В girlmcr. Kodu Creando mi primer juego. В Kevin Axell Concha Regatto. В KevinAxellCR.

В Luis E Vasquez. Microsoft Azure Desarrollando en la Nube con PHP y Control de CГіdigo fuente con Git. В Peter Joseph Concha Regatto. В PeterConchaR. DiseГ o de Aplicaciones MГіviles Android Mediante App Inventor. В Carmen Iliana CГЎrdenas Jaramillo. Mitos y realidades de la Inteligencia artificial. Charlles PГ rez. El legado de inspirar. Dennis Zumbana, ZumbanaDenis.

Este evento ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en el encuentro tecnolГіgico mГЎs importante de la regiГіn. Privacidad y anonimato en lГ nea. No tengo nada que ocultar. Privacidad en aplicaciones de mensajerГ a y seguridad informГЎtica. La era de los drones y sus multi usos. La TecnologГ a aplicada a laВ CartografГ a. В Carlos William Pozo Ochoa. В pozoWilliam. Gabriel Romero. В Diego Tapia, Diego_centinela. IntroducciГіn a la ReparaciГіn de Motherboards de Laptops.

Estudio de Mercados para la publicidad y el diseГ o. В Daniel PeГ a. Mejores PrГЎcticas con SQL Server 2014. В Audiencia Universitaria, TecnologГ a aplicada a los negocios. В JosГ Gabriel Hidalgo FarfГЎn. Robot Social Willow. В Carlos Guaillazaca. Hacking Г tico, BГєsqueda de vulnerabilidades. В Felipe Mogro. Introduccion a Node. В RamГіn Chancay. В r_chancay. MOOC y aprendizaje autГіnomo. В Washington Fierro Saltos.

Emprendedores anГіnimos. В Nestor Ramon Orozco, lГ der en Guayaquil de organizaciГіn Emprendedores AnГіnimos. Visual Studio GestiГіn de Equipos de Desarrollo ГЃgil. В Francisco Fagas. IntroducciГіn al Growth Hacking. В Estrategia digital y captaciГіn de usuarios a travГ s de procesos analГ ticos. В Jean Pierre RodrГ guez. Wikipedia LaВ revoluciГіnВ del conocimiento y la informaciГіn digital. В Voluntaria en Mozilla Ecuador. В ВїCГіmo edito Wikipedia y quiГ nes podemos hacerlo.

Creadora del Videojuego Kodu. GГ nesis LГіpez. Arduino 1 y sennsor ultra sГіnico. В Manuel Pesantes. Tania AlarcГіn. CГіmo elegir tu idea de negocios. TecnologГ a adaptiva para emprender. Francisco BarragГЎn. RegГ strate como asistente ingresando tus datos en el siguiente formulario Si deseas registrarte como conferencista hazclick en este enlace. Registrados hasta el momento. Selecciona la sala que deseas observar en vivo.

Para participar en el chat debes tener una cuenta en ustream. В CrГ ala con tiempo. Nuestros Auspiciantes. Estas personas e instituciones han colaborado con el BarCamp Milagro. Apoyando a la difusiГіn de la educaciГіn y la tecnologГ a. ВЎSi quieres colaborar comunГ cate con nosotros. This is the high low option, also known as up down or. But it can also be considered a price action forex. Up Down or High Low binary options trading. Auto Most ea scalping mq4 Profitable Binary Options most profitable binary options strategy Robot.

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Binary options trading is a lucrative way to make a profit, however it requires some knowledge and skill in order to be successful. 23 May 2018 - 11 min - Uploaded by SUCCESS TRADINGThe road to success through trading IQ option BINARY OPTIONS. Metatrader 4 1 bitcoin berapa juta binary options most profitable binary options strategy on MT4 Forex Factory Binary Options vs. Traders spend a lot of time. Der Handel mit Binären Optionen kann einfach sein, aber es ist auch genauso.

Binary Options SA Binary Options Strategy Strategies for binary options trading geld sparen verträge The Best Binary Options Profitable Strategy How To Beat. What is binary most profitable binary options strategy option trading. Sau 1 tuần hì hục, cuối cùng e cũng viết sắp xong Làm tấm hình khoe các bác. MT4 to IQOPTION Bác nào có mt4 indicator tín hiệu xịn cho e xin. Chào các bác Tình hình là hôm e xem trên youtube có thấy ông nước ngoài chơi iqoption tự động theo tín hiệu MT4 bằng cái phần mềm mt2iq gì đấy hay quá.

Tiện đây, các bác có indictorsystem nào cho tín hiệu win rate cỡ 60 cho e xin với ạ Cám ơn các bác. DuongHuy 18,809 110,023. Nguyễn Thanh Nhã 59 54. Nếu có cái đó thì nó bán lấy tiền sướng hơn bác ạ. banhmibt123 15 3. Phần mềm của bác đặt lệnh bằng cách giả lập chuột và bàn phím để thao tác trên IQ hay sao bác. theboyof8x 20 26. Trao Đổi Tool Lấy Indi Ko Bạn. 1 like cho bác. 65 thì khó Nhưng 60 Thì Mình Có Rất Nhiều.

Mình viết bằng python trên API IQoptionchạy độc lập luôn bác code nốt cái martingaleindi cầy tơ ngon nữa là đẹp. Bảng expert nhé, viết lộn. quangbuiduc 7 1. bác nào có cái bot hay auto lấy tín hiệu từ mt4 rồi đánh sang iq ko ạ cho e xin với e sẽ hậu tạ ạ. xuanmai1221 34 5. indicator trên trang chủ nó cho cũng profit 56-59 đó sao ko dùng. Mấy bác IT dùng luôn kiến thức tự code sướng thật. Mình cũng có ý tưởng giống các bác này, nhìn tín hiệu bên MT4 đánh IQ.

Có bác nào viết code nhận tín hiệu EA bên MT4 và vào lệnh bên IQ mà share free không ạ. talu 983 859. có martingale đó theo lý thuyết thì win 100. Doan Hiep 16 0. mình có bộ indicator 5 điều kiện để vào lệnh. Hiện đang trade ty lệ 7win 3lost. đánh iqoption 1p hoac 2p kết thúc. bạn tạo ea này dk không. Các bác toàn khoe AE mà chẳng thấy ai cho free nhỉ. Ngân Văn 21 5. Trên trang chủ tác giả nó bán tận 500 Tiền không có, thôi thì mình tự viết thử. Multa iq option.

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Platform is based on Sylius open source ecommerce platform. We expect to cut and fold the fully responsive website. I want to build a ecommerce webssite of pharmacy. Background, I have a popup window using. Hi, I would like to have a mobile application for android and iPhone where the e-commerce features are available and also APP to APP video calling is a MUST. Video calling has to be perfect. Also, in future I should be able to upgrade it with features with the help of other freelancer.

net developer who can work along with me using team viewer or any desk for long term projects using agile development methodology. Time is kept flexible can be done any time in between 10 30 AM IST - 6 30 PM IST. I want a GitHub Application created. It MUST be written in Go, version 1. Can use either go modules or gopath. It should be c Go implementation of the following application login to view URL It does not need to be deployed, and does not need to call giphy just posting a simple markdown.

I am looking for a software developer who has the at least experience of 6 months in ASP. NET MVC framework, CSQL, Javascript, Jquery, CSS. It works like amazon. i need admin panel for existing app. This is an ecommerce startup for realestate and construction field. i have existing android app and api. Just after a food e-commerce website where one section where local people will buy stuff and other wholesale section where restaurant owners will buy in bulk with an account created by us.

something like that login to view URL and for wholesale www. How much you will charge for whole thing and with monthly support. Hi I want an example CRUD in reactjs with smartadmin s theme database postgresql or mysql API PHP nodejs. Iqoption vip CORE The project can be run on my computer Happy binding. Most of the time, I want my codes to be reviewed by you using jupyter notebook and github.

Sometimes, I want you to correct me using Teamviewer only using a tv, no anydesk or I will consider a chrome screen share. Topics vary as I am trying all the ropes in an actual job environment and I am hoping to wrap up in a couple of months. new logo - south lighting logo is for a ecommerce website selling lighting. Build me an online retail website - ecommerce. proposals on ProFinder so that users will be first to send a proposal to a service request and increase their chances of landing work.

I believe it was created with Visual Studio. NETCor Cbut I m not 100 sure. I have provided a link to download this application and videos that demonstrate how it works, but it requires an activation code to access. I have purchased a code from codecanyon and it need to be configured. conversion being generating within Google Analytics, yet we have details in our Shopify store. link of the code login to view URL. We are a hardware technology company, the tracking problem relates to our eCommerce conversion tracking in Google Analytics.

The tracking code installed placed across several of our sites, including. com, blog, and online store Shopify You will need to. My shop is a ADULT GAY SEXTOY and CLOTHING store. I need some one to assist and advise me when i get stuck, as well has setting up a new store with new ENVATO template that I have purchased. Please refer to attach mp4 video.

target to build like yahoo login. language requirement frontend flutter dart; backend. NET Scope web login, if able to detect mobile already login, then the mobile app will prompt yes no, if yes, then display the code. then web login successful if enter the code from the mobile app. do not reuqire to build the UI. Hey All, I m looking for a sales person who can bring me the project in RPA and.

He she should have at least 4 years of experience in sales. Pls bid genuine experience. I need some help with my business. therefore would prefer C C on Arduino. DESIRABLE BUT NOT REQUIRED Experience with one or more of the following would be desirable Python, Java, JavaScript, CC. NETPHP, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, circuit design, and or mechatronics. Reference to the website I want similar login to view URL login to view URL.

and reusable components in a well-organized app built to scale. To accomplish this, we require the following skillset Demonstrable experience with React. js Experience with Github and git workflows Experience with npm and node. js Ability to speak English Be a self-starter that can work independently The following additional skills are not required. I want someone to hep me with marketing along with experience with dropshipping with amazon and shopify.

Help me build my ecommerce store. Customised eCommerce Development using following Tech Stack - Database - MongoDb Backend - NodeJs TypeScript ExpressJs Frontend - ReactJs Redux Server - AWS. Hi, I need assistance. need assistance creating a website on WIX for a new business, i have created a design brief that outlines the project details. The website needs to intergrate with ECWID ecommerce platform and it would be good if i have a designer who has experience with this platform also.

Looking forward to working with you. GBGSAL is in search of a Freelance Production Artist to create and oversee the production of seasonal graphic assets. while meeting a project s needs and deadlines. Candidates can demonstrate the ability to meet creative standards through commercially relevant design produced for digital iqoption vipprint media, partner needs, and third-party use. We are looking for a Magento expert for Magento support and integration.

we have a mangento ecommerce store that is linked with our website, ebay and amazon. looking forward to working with you soon. Hi Since I am not able to leave a tip on the previous project because it is closed, accept this and I we will close out and I will leave a tip from Phase 1. If I were to add a milestone, Freelancer will take a percent. Hello, I am in process of building a religious Ecommerce website using Angular8 nodejs MongoDB.

This website should be fully responsive to be able to view on all mobile as well as web platforms. The website will have some static sections as well as dynamic sections including Donation page with Payment gateway integration, Shopping cart with payment. CALCULATOR is a must have for my services, example here login to view URL it needs to have all features not only the solo divisions but also duogamesnet winsplacements, normal maches etc which have different prices There are three users to my website.

Owner Admins Boosters Customers Must also have a Admin Panel with features. Hey there, I ve written a Wordpress plugin which allows a user to select a dynamic variation of weight - The customer can enter a set of. this plugin named Wordpress Multi Select Documentation - Please review this. I will provide a live link to the website with the plugin working for you to test and also the github repo once we talk.

I have some projects in which i require a expert in C webform and MVCshould have expert experience in UI, CSS, Jquery and knowledgeable in other software as well. Project should be completed accurately and quickly. We have a figma graphic design project for our ecommerce platform. Looking for expert not someone i need to hold has or someone that isnt trying to watch the clock. If you cannot be consistent with. I needed a back up support for DEVOPS ENGINEER looking in a Montreal physically support.

for DEVOPS ENGINEER looking in a Montreal physically support not online support please text me If you re in Montreal let s do it. Atlas MongoDB. It s a pet project my associates and I do manually. I have created Login and a Tabbed app but have not yet completed the business logic. All code is saved to GitHub. For the MVP, we only need some basic functionality to work.

Read a set of entries out of a mongoDB document. Post them to Ionic, take updates and save back to mongodb. I have about 15 fragrance for men and women that we need to sell through a website. I need someone to design this website for me. I own a start up private equity company which invest in consumer product based ecommerce businesses. I need an experienced UX copywriter whose words get consumers to take action i. buy a product or service. Must have experienced with the U.

consumer market. Must have referrals or examples of successful work. Hi ElizabethEliz, Sanjoy Dutta, KM Exports Kolkata 098305 32557 is a supplier of components for our net making business 6ys. Have an order with them and were told that it would be despatched last week. Since then emails not being replied to. Looking for Fashion Models Actress for long terms photo shoot.

Appreciate Covid-19 is affecting Kolkata, but we really need an honest and truthful answer to have all. We have recently opened an ecommerce of cloths, cosmetics and jewelry. Want someone fair and beautiful to take photoshoot with out products on weekly basis. Listing Classifieds Profile Links All other needed to done the goole Site specifications 1. The number of main pages for the product sections is 50 Arabic pages 4.

E-commerce store in the Saudi Arabia 2. The language of the website is SP. The number of main pages of the product sections is 50 English pages 5. 5 -10 keywords for each page. source project written in symfony, and to get me started to convert it to a codeigniter project. I m not familar at all with symfony, but have some experience in codeigniter 3 mvc.

I m not looking for the entire symfony app to be converted, just help to get started, then no doubt more smaller one off projects as I continue and encounter new problems. I m looking for a person who can not only create a great social media presence in at least FB Instagram but also to maintain it. Hopefully the last one, but not necessary if you re not up for it.

Items are already in store, website is with Shopify, and new items are being added as we speak from printful which have stores in USA, AU and EU where we will be shipping our own. Other jobs related to asp. net mvc ecommerce github. What is Nadex Robot. Nadex Trading Robot is a fully automated trading software specially designed for trading profitably a wide range of global markets with Nadex Trading Platform. 100 Automated Nadex Robot. How to Gain With the Nadex Bot.

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