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As mentioned previously, you should also be able to purchase the SXP token directly using your credit card, debit card, or with bank transfer through the Swipe mobile app. It is not known whether users will receive rewards for voting. Register at Binance and Buy SXP Tokens. After all SXP tokens in reserves have been distributed, stakers will earn transaction fees on the network. One quick thing to note is SXP s impressive 24-hour volume, which is more than its current market cap.

Also, if you look closely at the total supply of SXP, it appears that just over 30 000 SXP tokens have been burned to pay for fees. This suggests that people are also using the token and not just trading it. Swipe SXP Wallet Support. Since SXP is an ERC-20 token, it can be stored on just about any wallet which supports Ethereum. The most intuitive wallet to choose would be Swipe s mobile wallet. However, recall that the Swipe wallet is centralized.

Swipe s cryptocurrency wallet guide on Medium. This means that the funds you store there do not technically belong to you. Not your keys not your crypto. It does help that these funds are protected by the likes of Binance and Coinbase, though. With that warning out of the way, you have no shortage of alternatives when it comes to storing your SXP. If you prefer mobile cryptocurrency wallets you can use the Trust Wallet, Coinomi wallet, Exodus Wallet, or Atomic Wallet.

SXP cryptocurrency trading volume and iqoption github cap. The latter two also offer desktop wallets. Hardware wallet options for SXP cryptocurrency include Ledger, Trezor, and Keepkey. Remember that SXP will soon be available as a BEP2 Binance chain token as well. When that happens, make sure you are transferring your SXP to the right network. Sending BEP2 SXP to an Ethereum address will make you lose your SXP. Swipe Roadmap. Although Swipe has only been around for just over a year, its list of accomplishments is quite remarkable.

All of these are listed on their Medium page and most of them have occurred just over the past few months. Swipe s original roadmap. These include launching the Swipe Wallet just 1 month after Swipe launched, integrating Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, being purchased by Binance, partnering with Chainlink and Elrond, and launching their staking testnet.

Swipe s updated roadmap. Swipe s future milestones are fairly generic. These include expanding their services into other regions, notably Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America, and Africa. They also plan to make the upcoming DeFi applications on the Swipe Network accessible via their mobile app. In a recent AMA, COO John Khenneth noted that exact dates will not be provided for when Swipe expects to achieve these future goals.

As such, no dates have been set for when the launch of the Swipe Network. Why we Swipe Right on Swipe. In what may be a first for cryptocurrency, Swipe has successively delivered functioning products to its consumer base. Whether it is the Swipe Wallet or Swipe s cryptocurrency debit cards, it seems that you are guaranteed to get a reliable product so long as it has the company s name and logo attached to it. Binance now owns Swipe. Image via Binance. It seems Swipe has done everything right, and this is precisely why Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao purchased Swipe that and because Binance was having issues developing their own crypto debit cards.

This begs the question how on Earth is this possible. How can such a small company launch such a large ICO of their token, partner with some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency, and then be purchased by the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world within a single year. Either Swipe has a superhuman team which does not appear to be the case or there is something more going on than meets the eye. A photo of the Swipe team, highlighting CEO Joselito Lizarondo. Image via Swipe. While we could speculate ourselves down one of many rabbit holes, there really seem to be one possibility here there was big money and big names behind the project before it started.

This is where things start getting weird. For starters, there is no mention of venture capital investment or partnerships prior to the project s launch anywhere in their documentation. It may be the workings of Swipe s CEO, Joselito Lizarondo, who was apparently an early adopter and miner of Bitcoin. The only video footage of the Swipe team. Yes, Swipe has a Github, but only for their API; their core operations are not open source.

The only 2 YouTube videos on the Swipe YouTube channel have the comments turned off, only one of these videos features a member of the Swipe team who is clearly reading off a script, the few Medium posts they have made are quite short and lack detail, and their whitepaper is really just a product manual which does not explain any of the technical elements of the project. This brings us to a concerning observation a relative lack of information. Were it not for its notable partnerships, functioning products, and transparency when it comes to the SXP token s distribution and emission, Swipe would quickly be considered a scam and its SXP token slapped with the label of shitcoin.

The Binance cryptocurrency debit card, powered by Swipe. It is also interesting to note that Swipe conveniently allows Binance to experiment with DeFi protocols and cryptocurrency debit card with reduced accountability should something go wrong. Even though Swipe s backend seems to be missing, its front end is unquestionably spectacular and functional. Swipe s acquisition by Binance, although potentially concerning to some, will no doubt go a long way in helping Swipe actualize its DeFi dreams with the Swipe Network.

With the SXP token soon to be used for governance over these powerful protocols and the key which quite literally turns Swipe s various products and applications, both Swipe and the SXP token have a very, very promising future. Featured Image via Swipe Shutterstock. Posted in Review Tagged in Binance, Binance Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Staking, Swipe, SXP. This is quite incredible as it is rare to see such a large amount of trading volume for a cryptocurrency with a smaller market cap.

Market QILIN ICO Review ICO Token News. Finally, the presence of so many levels and processes can easily raise the operational costs. Today, global e-commerce means the conversion of different currencies, the introduction of multiple payment structures, and the multi-level control of governments. That s where blockchain technology comes into play, as it eliminates trustless intermediaries and automates international supply chains, improving the overall experience of shopping online.

Qilin Market analysis. The team behind Qilin Market knows the benefits that can be reaped if e-commerce is decentralized through the blockchain technology similar to Viso Global, BunnyToken, Xmoneta, LiveTree, Play2Live. On this platform, it ll become simpler and quicker to trade different goods against cryptocurrencies. The platform is in its initial phase and is supported by popular digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, but there are concrete plans to introduce other altcoins as payment options.

Basically, there are four parties involved in the transactions happening over this platform; they are sellers, shops, buyers, and couriers. The best part is that there isn t any intermediary present between the buyers and sellers, so the process becomes efficient in terms of cost and operations. When it comes to the platform s working, it s revolutionary.

In this ecosystem, a shop will be the marketing partner of sellers it helps a seller find a buyer. The transactions in this ecosystem are powered through Qilin tokens. The best part is that it s simple to set up an online store on this ecosystem; for doing so, a participant can become a blockchain node and start earning Qilin tokens afterward, the seller needs to develop a robust clone of git repo. Presently, the development is still in the pre-order phase, so the investors have the opportunity to invest in its ICO campaign according to ICO stats.

The capital growth of the project may not be that fast, but it ll certainly accelerate once the hard cap is touched at every level. The platform is expected to run fully and become autonomous by 2020; its beta version, however, will be launched in 2018. Qilin Market innovation. Like many other ICOs such as ArmPack, THEKEY, Ellcrys, Upline, TrustaBit this crypto project is fueled by innovation. Here are two innovative highlights setting Qilin Market apart from the rest.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, this e-commerce platform has automated trading activities and successfully eliminated the paperwork. For instance, if you re a buyer, you should first transfer the funds into a smart contract. Smart e-commerce made possible by smart contracts This network has seriously reimagined e-commerce. By doing so, you ll make sure that the payment made to the seller will be released only when you ll receive the goods and vice versa.

The rise of a secure supermarket This ecosystem ensures that every e-commerce platform built here is not associated with any exit scam. Since nobody owns the money until the product is shipped, no one earns a profit. As a result, no party can scam the other users in any possible way. Qilin Market token sale. The tokens of the Qilin Market play an important role in the whole ecosystem. In order to protect against any future devaluation of the tokens, the business is offering them in different batches to investors; the price of the tokens will increase with every fresh batch.

In terms of the token-utility element, the sellers will need these tokens to reward merchants or shops for their products services; the couriers, however, will need them for depositing as security for safely shipping the commodities. Likewise, the buyers will need these tokens to buy goods services. So, the token is a purpose-built entity.

Other ICO details. Ticker QILIN Currency accepted ETH Token presale December 12, 2017 to February 12, 2018 Token crowdsale March 1, 2018 to May 1, 2018 Token Type ERC20 Available for sale 10,150,000 QILIN Price 1 QILIN 0. 000444444 ETH. Summarizing Qilin Market. Decentralized e-commerce carries out a number of benefits over any traditional e-commerce platform due to its fraud elimination, operational transparency, and efficiency.

All of these benefits are brought by Qilin Market as it unites every e-commerce participant over the blockchain. If this sounds something in which you d like to invest, then do join the sale. Market QILIN. Project Type Token Platform Ethereum Website qilin. market Category Trading Investing Total Supply 10,000,000 Whitepaper View Bitcoin Talk Open. Market QILIN Pre-ICO. Start Date Mar 1st 2018 00 00 UTC. End Date May 1st 2018 00 00 UTC. Lastly, the couriers are completely independent contractors that ll deliver the goods to a buyer s doorstep.

If every employee hits their goals, will your organization execute its strategy. Thoughts and Reflections from Daniel Kellem. It s an incredible insight, as collectively we ve all embraced goal-setting in the 100 years or so since General Motors popularized the idea. But does it work. Is there enough transparency corporately to ensure that each contributors goals are in line with the overall strategy, and that if all the individual goals are met that the executive strategy would actually be executed.

Goals have been SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. present FAST Frequently Discussed, Ambitious, Specific, Transparent. FAST goals seem more suited to today s fast-paced high-tech world. They provide the agility needed for organizations to thrive. Specific and Measurable are redundant, and together lead to Specific. Attainable and Realistic are redundant, and perhaps wrong, and are replaced with Ambitious.

Timely is modified slightly to become Frequently Discussed, allowing the freedom for the goals to evolve as the needs evolve. Transparent is missing from SMART, and helps to ensure individual alignment with the big picture. FAST Frequently discussed, Ambitious, Specific, Transparent deserves more attention as businesses struggle to keep pace with innovation. R and Python Together.

com rstudio reticulate, which allows R and Python to be used together, and especially about how that can enable Shiny dashboards to be created with Python. AI in Your Analytics Tool. AI is fascinating, but most organizations don t have the magnitude of data or the skills to effectively leverage it. Watching Qlik s Qonnections 2018 keynote yesterday opened my eyes to a new application of ai.

Qlik claimed that Qonnections was the largest data analytics conference in the world. Not sure about that one, but their existing 45,000 customers is hard to argue. Their CEO make some interesting claims, that 10 of the 10 largest pharma companies use Qlik, along with an impressive list of the top 10 companies across several leading industries.

The progression is always like this data - analytics - insights. I ve heard it many ways from many suppliers, but the two biggest hurdles with data are always the same. Gathering high-quality data is difficult. There are lots of tools for display once clean data is available. Regardless of the quality of the tools, deriving actionable insights is tricky. It all starts with data literacy and a data-centric culture. Qlik s director of research presented their soon to be released Cognitive Engine.

The highlight of the cognitive engine is their clever use of AI. With Qlik s new technology, a researcher can visually drill into apparent anomalies in the data, and Cognitive Engine s AI will proactively identify statistically significant variances worth exploring. This, to me, was fascinating. It was clearly one of the quickest and easiest ways a data-centric organization could start to leverage AI. AI Is Not Magic. One of the highlights of attending the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose back in March was the keynote address by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

Of course, there was the predictable push to sell more hardware, but notwithstanding the technology demonstrations were truly impressive. There was a driver in the conference room. Then, on the big screen, was the driver in the holodeck the simulated environment for the real car out back. The real driver, in the virtual holodeck, seeing real-time data and imagery, drove the virtual car, which in turn drove the physical car safely into a parking spot.

It was impressive. There was an autonomous car in the parking lot. The processing power required to do this all real-time is barely imaginable. But the biggest insight for me came from NVIDIA s Director of Developer Programs, William Ramey. With all the mystery around Machine Learning and Deep Learning in particular, it was insightful to hear such a thing. The problem, of course, is that the hype is so great.

It s easy to assume that because this problem is hard, AI must be the answer. His statement boiled down to this If X then Y. Can the problem be defined so simply. Can a human understand, at least conceptually, the process. Is there a defined outcome. If all are true, then AI is likely a viable candidate.

If a human can t articulate the process, then don t expect AI to provide an answer. Ultimately it boils down to this Could a human, with a lot of data and a lot of time, solve this same problem. If not, don t expect magic from AI. Exchange Networks, Not Markets. Why is the real world made up of exchange networks rather than iqoption github.

In a word trust. Relationships in an exchange network quickly become stable we go back again and again to the person who gives us the best dealand with stability comes trust, i.the expectation of a continued valuable relationship. In exchange networks, buyers and sellers can more easily build up the trust that makes society resilient in times of great stress. This is different than in a typical market, where a buyer may deal with a different seller every day as prices fluctuate.

In markets, one must usually rely on having access to an accurate reputation mechanism that rates all the participants, or to an outside referee to enforce the rules. Social Physics How Good Ideas Spreadby Alex Penland. Next-Gen Business Intelligence for Healthcare and Life Sciences. A mazon s webinar today highlighted several ways that Big Data is being used in the HCLS industry.

One of the key insights was the self-realization within one of the featured medical practices that they were data rich, insight poor. Having tremendous amounts of data isn t much value to anyone without the appropriate tools and skills to visualize, interact and explore the data, which of course needs to be coupled with people who are empowered to act on the insights revealed. Several of the tools demonstrated seemed to use Shiny and R to create interactive graphics.

This is a perfect combination of developer skills preparing the right kind of visualizations so that self-service data exploration becomes meaningful. One of the featured labs highlighted how expenses were reduced and customer satisfaction increased by the appropriate use of dashboards and educated data exploration. They were able to reduce repetitive testing and quickly identify trends in unreimbursed testing. So many self-service reporting tools end up being huge time sinks because the fundamental data organization was incomplete or inconsistent.

Then with data at their fingertips they were able to discuss the trade-offs between economic and medical goals. Some technologies to investigate further. Amazon QuickSight self-service analytics visualization Amazon Macie for discovering, classifying and protecting sensitive data Amazon SageMaker infrastructure to simplify machine learning at scale. The Number One Rule in Day Trading. Day Trading 101 is a great introduction into the world of financial trading. Trading requires a different mindset one of getting in and getting out at the right times instead of holding until fundamentals change.

Since the goal is so different than investing the rules are different. The book makes it very clear that the number one rule in trading is capital preservation. There are chapters about interdependencies of currency markets, reading candlestick charts, derivatives and futures, commodities, an explanation of support and resistance, and building trade pyramids to minimize risk. The book is designed for people without any investing knowledge but is certainly easier to read if you already understand a bit about investing.

All of these topics are approached in a light and easy to comprehend style, though if you really want to get into trading you ll likely have to do additional reading to begin. My interest in day trading is really about trading cryptocurrencies based on data, and this book makes no mention of the cryptocurrency market.

However, the insights about capital preservation have been critical in our new trading bot. The safety-oriented model built into the bot largely avoided last week s carnage in the Bitcoin market. 11,600 on March 5, 2018 to 7331 on 3 18. If you have any interest in trading and speculation over investing, you should definitely give Day Trading 101 a quick read. An Attempt to Short Bitcoin. It makes me cringe when I hear people talk about investing in cryptocurrency.

I have been successfully investing for 25 years. This involves understanding fundamentals, having a general awareness of the economy while committing to a lot of safe principles like asset allocation, dollar cost averaging, long term perspectives and, most importantly, a disciplined selling strategy. In short, I am an investor, not a trader. Bitcoin s recent tumble is largely related to regulatory concerns and Google s ban on advertising. I view cryptocurrencies as a massive social experiment with the fundamental value propositions still developing.

Clearly there is tremendous hype. Beyond the hype, there are stories of people in high-inflation countries exchanging their local fiat currency for crypto as quickly as possible to preserve value. In a geopolitical culture of growing mistrust of governments and institutions, the immutable and pseudonymous transparency of the blockchain, unable to be stopped by a single entity, is compelling. Bitcoin, presently, is useless as a currency.

Why would someone want to spend 30,000 on a car today when that same car could be worth 50,000, or 17,000, tomorrow. Currencies need stability and trust to be useful. Most cryptocurrencies have neither right now. However, I do like data, big data, AI, and algorithms. The massive price swings, the changes in sentiment, the lack of fundamentals, the 24 7 trading platform and the involvement of tech all make cryptocurrencies compelling to my inner engineer.

It all has to be organized and mined. The euphoria and incredible volatility create a perfect environment for quants trading. There is a tremendous amount of raw data available. I decided to programmatically trade in the most reputable cryptocurrencies. The first problem was choosing an exchange, and did I want to hold long positions only, or also short positions and do margin trading. are all regulated, and, thankfully, that means there is some difficulty in shorting Bitcoin.

That was the key question in today s webinar by Donald Sull from MIT s Sloan School of Management. Most platforms for margin trading, shorting, and derivative trading of cryptocurrencies are not readily available to U. Avatrade, BitMEX, IQ Option and Plus500 appear the be the most reputable, but a foreign bank account is required to trade on these platforms and that s well beyond the effort level that most people desire. The reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.cryptocurrency margin trading can be done at Bitfinix and LedgerX, though you must be an accredited investor to do so.

If you don t know what that means, you aren t. The two safest options for trading cryptocurrency in the U. appear to be Coinbase s GDAX and Kraken. GDAX suspended all margin trading for non-grandfathered accounts in late 2017. Kraken appears to be the only platform in the U. for regular people to trade cryptocurrency on margin and has a reputation for excellence along with security, though was plagued with technical problems during Bitcoin s astronomical December rise possibly now resolved.

S regulators, I ve chosen to stay with GDAX, and forego margin trading until the market stabilizes. Changing Your Mindset May Be the Key to Success. If you are still interested in shorting Bitcoin, check out. Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. The question didn t even make sense until I read Mindset the new psychology of success by Carol S. Dweck s thesis is that internal beliefs about one s and other s ability to learn is the key to lifelong success. Do you believe that people are born smart or that high achieving people worked hard to attain their position.

Do you believe that with time and effort any person can improve themselves. Do you believe that athletic talent is something you are born with. These types of questions reveal your mindset. In parenting, praising the outcome instead of praising the effort seems like the natural thing to do. Who wouldn t be proud of Johnny for his straight A s, and who wouldn t call him smart.

Who wouldn t want to brag about Jane s incredible and natural appetite to devour books well beyond her grade level. However, these things can indirectly convince our children that their success is based on how they were born instead of how they worked. This can inadvertently lead to a fixed mindset and a fear to take on new challenges because the limits of their natural abilities may be discovered if they fail. The book offers incredible insights about underachievers and some significant insights into bullying and our nation s epidemic of school shootings.

The most insightful chapter to me was about leadership in business. Several well-known CEOs were studied to see if they have the growth mindset or the fixed mindset. Fixed mindset CEOs tend to think they are smarter and better than their employees. Growth mindset CEOs recognize that people can grow and learn throughout their careers and that tapping into that potential helps their organization shine. In both cases, the CEOs did quite well for themselves.

However, the difference in the organizations is stunning. America has a wide-spread performance culture. Accomplishments certainly matter but we all need to be careful in how we honor them. True greatness rarely comes from either effort or talent alone, but on a person s ability to honestly understand their strengths and weaknesses and their willingness to take the effort needed to rise above them, with the belief that they can rise above them. Much of what we celebrate reinforces the idea that people will only be as good as their natural-born abilities allow them to be.

This thinking is detrimental to our children, our businesses, our competitors, and our relationships. Changing how we view ourselves and others is paramount to achieving our true potential. I highly recommend Mindset. This has been the most influential book I ve read in a decade. A parenting guide by another author is available. For parenting help only, check out Mindsets For Parents Strategies to Encourage Growth Mindsets in Kids.

Is Missing Talent a Hindrance to Effective AI. Today I joined IBM s Machine Learning Everywhere Build Your Ladder to AI webinar to hear about some of the latest trends in adopting Machine Learning into an organization, and of course plugs for several of IBM s products in that space. Rob Thomas is General Manager of Analytics at IBM. His main topic was that there is a ladder that must be climbed for the effective use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Part of that is instilling a data-driven culture. Per Rob, the technology has finally caught up and 2018 is the year to implement Machine Learning. The first rung is that AI is not possible if your data is not simplified and collected into a data lake. Traditional business analytics with a solid data strategy is essentially the prerequisite for a shift into ML.

As part of this, the point was made that AI is perceived is being only for hyper-scaling big players like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook but that recent advancements really make it available to all. The second rung is that data must be accessible. For safety and clear and obvious compliance with U. An insight that really resonated with me was that 80 of the world s data is sitting unused and neglected behind corporate firewalls.

Policy and governance must be in place so that data is at the fingertips of the users that need it most. Of course, there are complications with financial data and HIPPA protected data. The top rung is built upon traditional analytics and business intelligence the actual utilization of Machine Learning in every decision.

The idea is to install the data driven culture by making as much data available to anyone who needs it in a self-service manner. Once data is widely accessible, decisions based on hunches become less viable and people learn to interact with their data using ever more sophisticated tools. This is the destination of all successful companies in the future data driven decision making. Stage 1 40 are data aware and are building out incremental efficiencies in their data processing, using both proprietary and open-source tools to create their data lakes.

Data collection and data cleansing are the current investments. Stage 2 40 are actively examining their data looking for new ways to grow. Regardless of their actual industry, they are becoming a technology company. Stage 3 20 are exploring Machine Learning with the intention of being data led. It s the end of opinions. They are evolving to use ML to automate tasks they never wanted to do in the first place.

Vitaly Tsivin of AMC Networks and Alissa Hess of USAA both shared examples of how Machine Learning and data science are being used to transform their companies from the inside out. However, both noted that the biggest barrier to success is finding talent. The combination of understanding data, understanding technology, and understanding business is rare in a person and difficult to hire.

Rob mentioned the 40 40 20 rule about companies adopting a data driven culture. The webinar ended with a presentation by Garry Kasparov, the first chess grand master to be defeated by a computer, and his opinions on the limitations and direction of artificial intelligence. Honda - XTZ-250 Lander - YS-250 Fazer. Return 10k week Trading Ethereum Demo Account No Minimum Deposit Up to Broker. The Ethereum Code.

Robot Name The Ethereum Code Founded 2017 Type Robot Price Free. The Ethereum Code Review. Remember The Bitcoin Code we reviewed recently. They were using the name of a popular cryptocurrency to attract traders. They also faked results by showing badly edited trading outcomes and made up fake reviews. Today, we have found another similar BS to that also uses a cryptocurrency s name, Ethereum. How exactly can we be sure this one is or isn t a scam. Well, it s pretty obviously a scam but in order to prove it its time to put our BS-detecting glasses on and dig deeper into this new service.

Ethereum Code What s the BS Factor. It only takes a second for my BS-o-meter to hit max level upon visiting the Ethereum Code website. Because at the top of their page, they claim to have been published on Forbes, CNN, and many other reliable financial services. The next alarming part is the long pitch video that is made entirely focuses on making the client hurry into opening an account.

They use the good old fear factoryou know of losing an opportunity and play on people s greed. Obviously, there are no such stories on any of those websites about this service so it s just a marketing trick or better put; a big lie. How about the people who appear in the video, vouching for the Ethereum Code. First of all, why are they so desperate to have us onboard. Ethereum Code It s all Fake. That parrot is like BS, BS, BS. If they are making money and the spots are as limited as they claim, plus all the marketing they are getting from their supposed articles on Forbes and CNN then those spots should be or have been filled already.

Of course, as we concluded before, there are no such articles and the truth is that these testifies are coming from actors and the ultimate goal is to make you deposit money into their brokers. To be honest, there was no mentioning about Binary Options nor Binary Brokers in the video but as soon as you sign up, you must make an initial deposit to a broker in order to get this free software.

I am an actor, it even says so in the Terms and Conditions. It s all a lie Just Read the Terms and Conditions. YOU MAY AND SHOULD ASSUME YOU WILL PROBABLY WILL LOSE MONEY TRADING. THEREFORE WE DO NOT GUARANTEE OR IMPLY THAT YOU WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE TRADER, OR MAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL IN YOUR TRADING USING OUR SERVICE. Ethereum Code Terms and Conditions. The videos displayed on the Website are provided for informational and promotional purposes only and should not be relied upon in making decisions and are for simulation only by using actor s and demo accounts Ethereum Code Terms and Conditions.

That s right folks, the video is fake and testimonials are from hired actors, simulating results that you may be able to acheive. This entire scam was made for one purpose, to lead you into a trap with a bad Binary Options broker who partners with such crooks. I signed up with a fake email and got assigned 365 Iqoption github Option. It s needless to say they are awful and a scam. Can we get Support. At the bottom of the Ethereum Code page, you will find Support. Well, not so much.

Clicking support just takes you to the top of the page and restarts the damned video. Same happens when you click the Report Abuse. What abuse would that be by the way. The only abusers here are the people behind this scam. By the way, who are the people behind it. Oh, that s right, we don t know since it s all a bunch of fake stories and fake names with absolutely no information on the business behind this awesome deal. However, I do have a clue. I think these people are the same people behind many other scams including the BitCoin Code scam.

In fact, I can prove it. The Bahama Banker. Wait a minute before we wrap this up, we need to check something else Are these scams linked somehow. What they promise is easy and fast money like every other scam does. To answer that, let s answer this question first Why is the domain name to the Ethereum Code website called BahamaBanker. Now lets Google Bahama Banker Scam and see if these people are behind even more scams.

Surprise surprise if you visit BahamaBanker. co, it leads to The BitCoin Code scam which we already exposed. Hurray, we have a lead. Hold on, there is more evidence. Not only do the two scams BitCoin Code and Ethereum Code share domain names but even the following image from their so-called results are pretty much identical. Ethereum Code These are photoshopped. Notice dates, time stamps and price rates and compare to the image below.

BitCoin Code Fake and same image as the one found on ETH Code. Notice how even the dates and price rates are similar. In fact, this is the Iqoption github time I come across this same exact image. Yes, not the second, but the THIRD time. The first time was of course on the BitCoin Code Scam, the second time I saw it was when we reviewed the 30K challenge Scam and now, it appears here too.

These scammers are getting lazy I guess. I would like to add that even if the image did not appear anywhere else before, they are still fake results which I exposed already inside the BitCoin Code review. Haha, they are So busted. I always say; once you have seen one Binary Options scam and learned to expose it, you know how to expose them all. If something works once they will just rebrand and reuse it again and again until we, the trading public, learn to stay away.

This was a great case and a great example of how these people operate. Just apply the same methods we used above and you will expose it within minutes. I have one question with the legitimacy of the reviews has anybody actually tested it. With shown results to prove its a scam. You will find this to be true for pretty much all other autotrader and robot scams in the binary options industry.

Ive read many Reviews and seen all the black listed software,but not review actually states that its been tried and tested. Can anyone tell and show authentic reviews before calling everything a scam. Multiple Domains and Brands but Same Tricks. right then, I don t know what s going on here. I recently did a scam report on the ethereum code and the information said it was legit. I am at present trading, using the binary robot 365 on the roiteks platform.

that is not proforming anything like advertised. I definitely will not be putting anymore funds into that account unless there is some positive movements. that said, the scam reports has been very helpful. Yikes, I did register but I haven t given them any financial details yet. Do I have anything to worry about, they only have my name, email, and phone number. Glad you didn t deposit. Well, they may sell your phone number and email.

I decided to open an account, but today just to satisfy myself I did another one only to read that it s a scam. If you get too many phone calls from numbers you don t recognize and from other countries you can get call block for your phone. If you are lucky they don t. Just don t answer them and they will give up. Thank you Martin Kay for that wake up callI was almost registered.

Also, remember, all these robots and easy money schemes are scams. November 2013. The smartSound Project. Dienstag, 10. Ausblick auf Version 0. 5 und Technische Spielereien. Donnerstag, 24. FleiГџ und GlГјck Die Gewinner des Musiksammelwettbewerbs. Es wird nachgelegt. November 2012. Musik fГјr Aventurien. Update Als zusГ tzlichen Preis haben wir von den Machern von Herokon Online ein Exemplar ihres Soundtracks erhalten.

AuГџerdem gibt es nun eine Liste der bereits eingereichten StГјcke. Details findet ihr hier. Weiteres Update Erdenstern haben uns weitere tolle Preise spendiert. Was genau, kГ nnt ihr hier nachlesen. Wir haben doch eine Гњberraschung versprochen, nicht wahr. Ihr sollt sie haben. Auf einem guten Weg smartSound 0. smartSound herunterladen. Nach dem Herunterladen muss die Datei entpackt werden. Zum Starten kann im entpackten Ordner das Start smartSound -Skript fГјr das entsprechende Betriebssystem verwendet werden.

Das funktioniert in der Regel Гјber einen einfachen Doppelklick. Gedanken und Neuigkeiten rund um smartSound - einem Musikplayer fГјr Rollenspieler. Startseite Гњber smartSound Musik. Das smartSound Projekt auf der DreieichCon 2013. But once you get it, you will realize that there is a ton of. Cryptocurrencies can be a little hard to understand in the beginning. By Hugh Kimura Last Updated February 21, 2020. The Total Beginner s Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading Bitcoin, Ether and More.

As traders, our job is to take advantage of opportunities in the markets. Sometimes, these opportunities come in the form of entirely new markets. I ve been interested in cryptocurrencies for a few years now, but I ve been very reluctant to trade them, much less write about trading them. I felt that there was just too much risk. Especially for the average trader. and quite frankly, I didn t understand them well enough myself. The first time that I saw them as viable for trading was when I went to this conference.

I saw Chris Dunn talk about trading Bitcoin, but I was still skeptical that it would stay around for the long-term. I credit my friend for talking to me about it on Twitter and opening my eyes to the potential in trading this emerging market. I m not sure if he wants to be named, but you know who you are.

I sincerely appreciate the education and helping me see the light. This is a perfect example of the benefit of staying in touch with other traders on platforms like Twitter. Anyway, as I have done more research and have actually started trading them, I have found that there are tremendous opportunties. With some coins, it s potentially like being able to get pre-IPO shares of Microsoft.

But there are also big risks. Remember, the dot-com bust. There will probably be losses of that magnitude too. That s just how these new technologies work. So in this post, I want to share with you my knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets and give you a total beginner s guide to trading them. Be sure to bookmark this page because I ll continually update the information, as things change. For you crypto veterans, this will be very simplified, but my goal is to make this information as easy to understand as possible so new traders can make an informed decision about the opportunities.

Once people get the general concepts, then they can geek out about the details. This is the future of FX trading. So in addition to USD CHF, CAD JPY and EUR GBP, we also need to be aware of XLM USD, ETH BTC and XRP LTC. You may have heard many things about what a cryptocurrency is, but you may still be searching for an understandable definition.

I hear ya, I was in the same boat for a long time. Instead of getting too technical, here s the easiest way to think about cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is basically money on software platforms. It s important to keep in mind that the teams companies that are behind these cryptocurrencies are not only creating a new form of currency, but a new software platform. To demonstrate how this works, let s take a look at other software platforms that you are probably already familiar with.

Here are a few software platforms that many people use. Examining how these platforms work will help you understand cryptocurrencies. Windows A software platform for personal computers Dropbox A software platform for storing and sharing documents Fedwire A software platform that sends money between financial institutions. On each of these platforms, a type of money is used, in exchange for using the platform. Windows You pay US Dollars or your local fiat currency to buy a license for Windows to use on your computer.

If you buy a computer that already has Windows on it, the license fee is included in the purchase price. Dropbox You pay US Dollars or your local fiat currency to buy a subscription to use the software for a month or a year, depending on which plan you buy. Fedwire You pay a transaction fee to use the system and you send fiat currency itself. Each of these systems also have a database connected to it. Windows Database is stored on your local computer Dropbox Database is stored on the Dropbox servers Fedwire Database is stored on the Fedwire servers.

Cryptocurrencies essentially replace the US Dollars or your local fiat currency that you use to purchase these software services. More on blockchain technology in the next section of this guide. But wait, what are the software services that you are getting. Isn t a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin just a currency, like US Dollars. The database that cryptocurrencies give you access to is based on blockchain technology.

The goal of cryptocurrencies is usually to improve on some type of existing software system or network. However, that s where the similarity ends. When you send money via PayPal, Fedwire or Western Union, you are basically sending fiat money electronically, similar to Bitcoin. Platforms like PayPal have severe limitations on what you can and cannot do. For example, you cannot send receive money from certain countries like Nigeria. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin want to make financial transactions more open and accessible to everyone around the world.

Other cryptocurrencies solve other problems, which we will explore later in this guide. Is Cryptocurrency Real Money. Since this is a new concept to most people, it will take some time to become widely accepted. This is where Bitcoin has been instrumental in paving the way for this new technology. Websites like Newegg take Bitcoin, along with the other traditional payment methods. Here s what the checkout screen looked like after I added a drone to my cart. Payment processor Stripe also allows online merchants to accept Bitcoin.

Notice that other coins like Ether or Litecoin are not accepted. However, the fact that Bitcoin is accepted, is a big step towards the adoption of other cryptocurrencies. Risks of Cryptocurrency Trading Investing. Now that you understand the basics, what are the risks of trading these cryptocurrencies. There are quite a few, but here are the top three. Some Technologies Will Fail. Remember that cryptocurrencies are basically software, created by people or companies.

So just like Webvan or Pets. com in the dot-com bust, some of these technologies will fail. and they will fail spectacularly. Right now, there is a lot of buzz around certain cryptocurrencies increasing several thousand percent, in a few months. This has a lot to do with ignorance and hype. Just like when people found out that this new thing called the internet would change the world of business. Did it change the world. But was there a lot of dumb money that overhyped the first wave of internet companies.

So just remember, trading cryptocurrencies is kind of like trading a software stock. Some of the software will change the world. Others will explode in a giant ball of fire. There are also a lot of scam coins out there, so be careful. Like penny stocks that are just a company on paper, almost anyone can create a new cryptocurrency. Learn how to separate the scams from the deeply underpriced currencies. Then use proper risk management and play the odds.

It Requires Technical Savvy. Let s face it, cryptocurrencies were created by super nerds. Like with Linux, there is still quite a bit of technical know-how that is required. You don t need to know how to code, but if you are not good with computers you may want to stay away from cryptocurrency trading, at least until they start building more user friendly interfaces. Don t get me wrong, I m not calling anyone dumb.

I m just saying that if you don t possess a certain skillset, then you shouldn t get involved in that area. This could cause you to lose a lot of money, very quickly. For example, I don t know how to sew, so I don t make my own clothes. If I did try to make my own clothes, everyone who meets me would think I m a weirdo for wearing fucked up pants. So if you aren t so tech savvy, but still want to get involved, find someone you trust to trade for you.

There s a Lot of Broker and Technology Risk. Since this is emerging technology, there are still a lot of unknowns with trading at scale and how brokers and the software will react to certain surprise events. If you think that Forex brokers are risky, then you should consider cryptocurrency brokers at least twice as risky. Not just because they could be shady, but there a still so many unknowns with the technology.

However, I would still trust the bigger cryptocurrency exchanges over a lot of offshore binary options brokers. So the lesson is Don t keep too much of your coinage at the exchanges. Move them off to your own wallet as soon as possible. I ll get to wallets later in this guide. Simply put, a blockchain is a database. However, there is one huge difference between how you probably currently think of a database and how a blockchain database works.

In most cases, a traditional database sits on one computer or in one location. Even if a company has redundant servers around the world, the data might only be backed up between 3 to 5 locations. On top of that, these companies collectively spend billions of dollars a year on cyber security, to protect this data. With a blockchain database, the data can be backed up on potentially thousands of computers all over the world, for a much, much lower cost.

The information in these databases is heavily encrypted and sometimes files are broken up into pieces, so even if one piece is exposed, it will not expose the entire file. If the information on one server does become compromised by hackers, the other copies of the databases have to agree that the compromised data was a legitimate change to the data. If the other copies do not agree, then the change is rejected and it is changed back to match the others.

Obviously, this is an oversimplified explanation of the technology, but I hope that you are starting to see the benefits. Instead of just one point of failure, like on a single server, you now have multiple copies of the same database all over the world that is almost impossible to crack and will fix itself in the case of a hack. This can also save a ton of money on cyber security software and services.

Let s say that a hacker gets into your bank s computer tomorrow and transfers all of your money to his account, then deletes any trace of the transaction. With today s technology, you would probably be screwed. But with a blockchain currency like Bitcoin, if one server was hacked and a fake transaction was inserted into the database, then it wouldn t match the transaction record on the hundreds other copies of the database. This transaction would be seen as a fake and rejected.

Your money would be safe. The Characteristics of a Currency to be Aware of. Although cryptocurrencies are all based on blockchain technology, they are not all created equal. This is one of the many reasons why blockchain technology is so exciting. Here are some differences that you need to understand to make informed trading decisions. Transaction processing speed Total supply currently available Will there ultimately be a limit on the total number of currency available.

Will there be an unlimited supply of currency. Is there a real-world need for this software currency. Real world adoption of the technology Any big investors in the project. Does the use of the software make sense. Do the founders have a reputable background. These are just a few of the characteristics that you should look at.

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