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Wenn Sie nicht mindestens so viel zu verlieren, dann sind Sie auf dem falschen Markt. Daniel Vor 7 Jahren verwende ich GAIN Forex mit NinjaTrader. Ich habe noch keine Probleme mit dem Unternehmen haben. Das Öffnen war einfach, Ablagerungen waren schnell und Daten zuverlässig. Ich finde es komisch, dass alle diese Beiträge reden über Trades liquidiert für quotno Grund. Anscheinend haben diese Leute sehr niedrige Kontostände und shouldn039t werden Trading überhaupt.

Ich habe noch nie eine Position liquidiert, aber vielleicht liegt das daran, dass ich eine ausreichend große Balance habe, um die Größe meines Handels zu decken. Diese Firma ist definitiv nicht ein Betrug und es ist traurig, dass so viele Menschen markieren sie als Betrug, weil sie keine Ahnung, wie man mit hohen Marge Ebenen Handel haben.

Wenn Sie diese Firma als Betrug bezeichnet haben Sie entweder a haben so wenig Geld, dass jeder Handel, den Sie machen, ist anfällig für Volatilität und sie sehen, dass als Risiko und liquidate b keine Ahnung, wie man mit Marge Handel oder c sind störend genug Um Ihr ganzes Konto auf einem Handel zu nutzen. Alle diese verdienen Ihre Position liquidiert haben. Ich empfehle entweder Iqoption nodejs oder MetaTrader-Plattformen, wie jeder echte Händler empfehlen würde.

Ich war sehr aufgeregt zu sehen, NinjaTrader zusammen mit GAIN und Sie erhalten eine kostenlose Kopie von NinjaTrader. Für all diejenigen, die denken, dies ist ein Betrug warum sollte NinjaTrader eine der beliebtesten Handelsplattformen für echte Händler zusammen mit einem Unternehmen, das ist ein Betrug Sie wouldn039t. Sie sind verzögert und shouldn039t handelnde Währung.

Let me guess, you opened a futures account too and lost money because you leveraged your whole account on one contract Learn to trade. Great company, period. Pamela 7 years ago SCAM Total scam. Be very wary. I loved their demo account and had good success with it. When I went live with forex, everything changed. I suspect they are engaged in illicit activity. I was involved in an online forex school that highly recommended them. When live trading with them proved to be so impossible, compared with the demo, I began to feel that I had been set up.

This is just speculation and may be way off base, but they definitely work hard to ensure that you do not profit. I don039t believe the reviews about making huge money with forex. I suspect the broker wrote those. I may be fairly new to forex, but I do pretty well at it, as long as I am very attentive. I am not simply a forex idiot who is blaming the broker for my failures. Something very strange happened while trading with this company. I would NEVER use them again and would never recommend them to anyone.

Anthony 6 years ago I am a very frustrated customer of their MT4 UK accounts. Today, March 11, iqoption nodejs, their system has been down all day. On top of that, they have been very unaccomadating and are unwilling to make any compensations or even waive swap fees. I do not and would not recommend this broker to anyone. VS 6 years ago Well, you should know that forex has a special aggrement with bank of america, which states that fors will provide BoA with the list of checks they authorize to cah out.

So if you closed ur acct and Tradesatation send you a check, which is from Forex, that check maust be on the list. When u go to BoA they never can get hold of forex. So u end up running around and making calls to tradestation people, who also have no idea about that. I am having a check from forex, but Boa can not even accept it for deposit. Maybe it makes more sense to pay them 25 and do the wire. Timur 6 years ago I have been with them for two years now. it039s already more than a month.

yes i have drained my account so many times being with them but now i am making money. I can say they are not a scam. No pain no gain I am not blaming them, because it it was due to my incompetence. I do not scalp with them. My strategy is medium term, so i do not give a shit about slippages and news. They are competent and have a good support team. There have been no problems withdrawing money from my account either.

Conclusion Those complain who can not trade. Cheers and good luck keith 6 years ago SCAM This company is a scam. I know exactly what I am doing in the market. i studied it for 3 years and I practiced it for several months on a demo account of theirs. Their live server is dead slow making it impossible for u to make your moves on right entry and exit points.

They keep saying they are adding new servers. I finally opened a new account with them and guess what 1. But it is a bull. You call their 800 number and the same guy who I was chatting on the live chat picks up. That is how small these people are. I ask the guy Damon to give me the department who is in charge of technical assistance and he says he does not have any because they are internal numbers.

They make the live servers slow so they can force you to lose your trades. SO ALL THE NEW GUYS. PLEASE FIND ANOTHER BROKER AND HAPPY PIPPING jon 6 years ago woah woah woah keith, you039ve studied forex for three years and are a self-proclaimed master come on now, that just sounds ridiculous. Many traders go through many many many years of trading and do not call themselves experts.

My personal experience with forex is not all that great. So far I039ve placed just over 1000 trades with them. I039ve only been trading 4x for 2 years and have live account with them for only over 8 months. I039ve tried fxcm039s micro crap, and though I039ve heard some people talk up there standard accounts, their micro platform just looks like a turd smearing my screen.

I039m using the MT4 forex platform, I039m not a big fan of the spread, gbpjpy gets a little bonkers here and there, so i dont scalp it. I039ve been losing money to my own stupidity for the last 6 months, and it039s been a helluva great learning experience. it039s not like i put my life savings in here, and if you did, you shouldnt be trading, trade with money you don039t NEED to pay your rent with. Forex has not closed any of my trades. out of 1000 trades ive gotten 2 wrong contracts. trying to play gbpjpy but got gpdchf or something like that again, my fault, i should have 2x checked the trade.

I as an expert trader finding it difficult to trade with them. if you can039t take the pain, don039t play the game STARCRAFT 2 IS COMING OUT SOON SO QUIT FCKING CRYING AND GET READY TO RUUUUMMMMBBBLLLLLLEEEEE John Smith 6 years ago Hi, i am working with Forex for 2 years now. A few months ago i have decided to open a MT4 account with them. im only 23, and plan on continuing my learning experience for a loooong time. But i actually become a customer of and afiliate of them which is Gain Capital Forex.

After i started to trade and open another account for working through Zulutrade station they have send me a notice in wich they are anouncing me my boths accounts are terminated. The problem is that i am in DD position right now and they will profit from my loss as they are asking me to close all my open positions on monday morning or they will close them for me.

Bellow i will show you the notice they have send it to me. I have to tell you that they didn039t phone me before that and ask me something that they found it unclear. They don039t care about customer and please stay out and run away as you can from this brokers because is so simple to let you open an account and then they will terminate that account without you being able to decide anything.

Please look bellow what they are sending to me Dear John Smith, Please accept this letter as formal notice regarding FOREX UK039s recent decision to close the above referenced FOREX UK account you hold with us and effectively terminate the customer agreement between your person and FOREX UK in full accordance with the agreement with such termination becoming effective as of the date of this letter.

As a result of a recent review of your account activity, we determined we are no longer in a position to continue extending our services to you. As such, we have determined to close the account. Please note your account appears to have open positions and has a current remaining balance of 1730. You will have until 17 00 PM on July 12th to close your position. After which time we will automatically liquidate all open positions and terminate your account.

To receive your funds, please complete, sign and submit the attached withdrawal request which is provided herein for your convenience Should you have any questions following this communication, please feel free in communicating directly to ComplianceForex. I thank you for your time. Thank you Kind Regards, David Fan Risk and Operations Manager GAIN Capital Vanessa 6 years ago SCAM These guys are pure scam.

I had like 5000 in my account and I was trading 1 standard lot with a mental stop loss because these guys WILL chase your stop loss if you put it there. My trade was going in the right direction, then the platform disconnected. That039s no freaking where near the margin, mind you. I bailed out ASAP. David Lonie 6 years ago SCAM Ho Boy. what the hell kind of site is this anyway. I was making a profit on a position and it still closed liquidated.

below is an actual Live Chat with one of there Agent Brad right after this happened. Friday 4am to 5am October 15, 2010. enjoy for your reading pleasure. Beginning of Transmission Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 039Brad039 Brad Hello david lonie, welcome to Client Services. May I have your email address to better assist you david lonie email omitted Brad Thank you for your information, how may I assist you david lonie ok. this has happened to me repeatedly.

my position which was up over 700 just vanished david lonie granted a practice account039 david lonie but i did not close the position. I was making money fake david lonie so what gives Brad I will look into this for you. Brad One moment please. david lonie i even had a Stop Loss and Limit set Brad I do see this.

david lonie k. y did this happen Brad After you increased your position, and then the market went against you slightly after the last trade, you feel below the margin requirement for this position and were liquidated. david lonie that039s nonsensical. the margin should have been fine. a measly 96 would not have affected this.

i was down over 2000 earlier which was way below margin and nothing happened only after i quotmanuallyquot ended the bleeding. your answer does not make sense. hence nonsensical david lonie what else you got david lonie this does not extend confidence in doing business with your firm david lonie unless you can achieve some correctness to the platform. I am afraid I will have to close my Live account Brad This is what happened in this case. david lonie and the case where i was going under in excess of 2000 well below margin with no liquidation But a closure with a positive revenue is justified as liquidation Make sense of this or I close my account.

Brad The rate reached a high of 1. At that time, the margin requirement for 900,000 lots would have been 25,440. 86 david lonie right and i was beating with the stream not against it. Brad I do understand that. However, when you increased your position it put you close to liquidation. Once the market went against you a little you fell below the margin requirement. david lonie my initial purchase price was around 1.

4080 for 700,000 lots then I purchased another at around 1. 40921 for 200,000 your 900,000, an avg. 40857 approx. still your margin argument is not making sense. david lonie I was still ahead green david lonie i was positive Not negative david lonie if anything the last position should have been closed Not the whole position. that doesnt make sense. Brad Whether you are in the positive or negative is not the issue here.

david lonie sure it is Brad When you made the last trade it put you at risk. david lonie if i am positive 16,000 lets say, my position is not going to close due to a lack of margin Brad It can still close if you keep increasing your position. david lonie the only risk was to the Forex practice pocket book. I will be closing my Live account. this is not the only site. eToro seems to be doing a much better job on their practice accounts.

which usually translates to accurate and correct RealTime awareness Brad I do apologize for this. However, it is your responsibility to maintain the margin requirement for your open positions. When you increased the position, you put yourself at risk for liquidation if the market went against you at that trade. david lonie quotIfquot meant as under your meta-physical hunch Now, you are a prophet and fortune teller.

Brad Is there anything else I can assist you with david lonie probably not Brad Thank you for visiting. Should you have further questions or comments please log on to chat, email, call us at 1-877-FOREXGO 367-3946 or internationally at 1-908-731-0750. end of transmission So there you have it. I closed my account that day. Have not looked back. I was ahead kicking thier butt then they liquidated my account because quotifquot the market took a turn I would not be capable of a Stop Loss. I did graduate with a double major, one being Economics the other Financial Capital Mrkts.

I am pretty sure I could handle a turn in the market. Here039s what happened to make me change my mind and start looking for a new broker I 039Martingaled039 a position after very careful analysis. Btw 039Martingaling039 isn039t something I often do or recommend for beginners or the faint of heart and definitely don039t do it unless you have a large account AND you know EXACTLY what you039re doing as it can seriously bite you in the a. I was in a trade which had been losing money but had reversed and was shaping up to be VERY profitable.

As insurance, I reduced my position just in case I wasn039t correct and the next thing I know my ENTIRE position was liquidated due to a separate order being placed by their system. AN ORDER WHICH I NEVER EXECUTED No stops were triggered WTF. What was about to be my all time most profitable trade ended up being a very sizeable loss for me. When I called them they said I must have done it What Why would I do that Basically they accepted zero responsibility and insinuated that I obviously don039t know what I am doing and I must have done it Unbelievable Btw as a side note, it turns out that my strategy proved to be 100 correct and I would have made an outstanding profit - thanks for nothing Forex Other issues I have had with them include - - Charts are sometimes slow when compared with other trading platforms.

So what you think is happening ISN039T actually what IS happening - I observed this phenomenon most on their 5min chart I have video evidence to prove this - Issues with withdrawal requests e. they would just cancel a withdrawal request even though I had a large account and almost 100 margin available. Also delays in receiving my money e. they say 1-2 days but sometimes I have had to wait 4-7 days to receive my money. - Telling me my bank account details are incorrect when I triple checked them AND they are correct AND it039s the same bank account details they used to previously do my withdrawals.

- On their website they say that as a non-US customer you can deposit funds into their bank account. This is when the fun begins On their site they list their bank account details. So I go online into my bank account and setup an online direct transfer to Forex and to make it easy I include my Forex trading account number as a reference for them. Then and this happened EVERY time they would email me after a day or two and say they don039t know where the funds came from.

What I would then have to print off a statement and either fax or email it to them to 1 Prove it was my money to begin with. 2 Show it is my bank account Seriously let039s get into the 21st century already - I also had to get on their case and keep asking them to release their bonusincentive funds to my account even though I had more than met their trading requirements. To be fair there are a few plus points I would get my money deposited into my account eventually, monthly interest paid on account balance was nice, decent enough 039Live Chat039, no withdrawal fees due to my account size and quite decent promotions from time to time.

Anyway I think that039s enough and I039ve made my point. My tip, find a broker you feel you can trust - this is crucial to Forex trading success Forex trading is challenging enough without feeling like your broker could let you down at any moment. Good luck trading Max - Sydney 4 years ago SCAM Hi Guys, Thanks for this information, I039ve been playing with this market makers in Sydney for nearly 2 years and I lost 160k.

I couldn039t believe this stories until I saw that they close my wining positions without my permission with excuse of reaching to the margin call, this bad, don039t waste your time and money with them. Aamir Saeed 3 years ago I lost 500 GBP with these criminals. They would close a position without any reason, Initially I deposited 250 GBP and added 250 again, they find one reason of the other and positions can be closed as fast as they open wiping out money from your account.

On top of that, I didn039t even trade in forex, I was doing commodities. I have asked for return of my remaining 47 or so GBP and am still waiting. DO NOT waste your money with these guys. Dontbegypped 3 years ago With the understanding that they are counter party to your trade, one would keep an open mind for dealer plugins and such.

I speak from a on amp off relationship with ForexUKUSUKUS, a Gain Capital division for the poor in monetary and big on dreams. News trading is far the worst, that if you held a position prior to it or just got unlucky, you can see all the delays in the price action keeping you humble. Yes, you could take advantage of this and they will honor it, but the negatives far outweigh the positive.

The last despicable act came horror before my eyes. The EURUSD position I held changed to some other currency. No hot keys were pressed or accidentally scrolled. In fact, the journal was completely erased of any records even though no MT4 restarts either on or on VPS. Overall, a dealerbroker can delay, slip, disconnect, requote, or give show trade context busy etc, but changing one039s position was the final straw.

At least, withdrawals and service is met with expectancy. Sanctimony 3 years ago SCAM I wouldn039t suggest the platform in general. The FTP platform is extremely sluggish and it is impossible to define defaults for market positions. The worst thing though is that they will arbitrarily close or change your position without your approval. This hovers on being borderline illegal. They will ignore a losing position and let you rack up losses, but quickly close a winning one.

Their TOS probably has a hidden clause which allows them to tamper with your positions and close them at their own will, but I fail to see why anyone would continue to trade with this company once it happens to them. It took me an hour later to get back in and guess what, they sold my position for 600 loss. Would you continue trading stocks at a broker that suddenly sells off your entire holdings in a company because the stock surges upwards in price I think the analogy is fair and valid.

This company is a fraud, plain and simple. I personally never traded here, but saw all the screenshots, video captures etc. myself, and talked to scammed customers on the phone. You should make physical records of your trading history with this company. I do conflict arbitrage on behalf of a Forex forum and at least 80 of the cases pertain to this site. If they erase or close your positions without asking you in advance, take them to court.

Use a video feed if you have to. sam 3 years ago SCAM Its a scam. They are manipulating their software It seems that while you are trading, someone at the other end can speed up or slow down the software. They store your emotional pattern and play with it. I dont regret it, charge to experience and donations to US govt. Nasty business.

why they allow or not notice such scams. Huge Losses Forex 2 years ago SCAM First and foremost Forex makes up prices in there virtual environment, and they charge tremendous amounts of points. This is not real trades this is fake. DO NOT LISTEN TO POSITIVE REVIEWS AS I WAS TRICKED TOO. I lost over 3k I was upset then I started viewing MT4 on another site and was completely amazed by there 3 to 5 second price difference.

Megan 9 months ago SCAM COMPLETE SCAM I made an account, deposited 2500 and started trading. I made a couple hundred dollars and requested to have it sent to my bank account for withdrawal. The time frame stated it could take up to 48 hours. It039s been over 7 week days. If I can039t even get that money out I039m probably not going to be able to get my 2500 back either.

I thought I did my research before working with them but I guess not. I didn039t lose money on trades. Will be attempting to refund my initial deposit soon. George Harris 8 months ago SCAM I am having a continual problem withdrawing fund from my account. Gain Capital039s website states that it can take up to 2 business days to quotprocessquot your withdrawal. I lost money because they wouldn039t give me earnings. In reality, it takes them 5-7 days to return my funds.

When I contact them to comlain, they blame my credit card company for the delays. Problem with that is I have a friend at my bank who is able to view the banks ledger and determine when funds hit my credit card. Turns put thae problem is Gain Capital. They dont like withdrawals so they delay processing them for up to a week befor releasing funds back to a credit card. Gain sends an email iqoption nodejs my withdrawal request the same day I make the request.

The funds are removed from my account within an hour by Gain, but they dont release them back to my card for 7-10 days. I wonder how much interest Gain is making off my quotfunds iqoption nodejs limboquot that have bern removed from my account but not returned to me in a timely manner. Ambiguous 8 months ago I have read the comments about Forex and find the argument that Gain Capitals clients do not understand the risk rather funny and deceptive. I understand that risks are very prevalent in CFD039s, spot, or whatever you would like to call the contracts.

There is one very big problem that I personally faced with Forex. The company suspended trading 3 consecutive times when they owed my own account. I approached the service department with these issues and was told that technical difficulties were the reason for the suspensions. Without honoring the orders placed while under suspension I was told that reduced spread would be offered for a short period of time.

Now, to tell clients or potential clients that they do not understand risk is absurd. Clients of Gain must compete with slippage, rouge ticks, ect. Yet if clients do quotbeatquot the traditional and understood risks they can be stuck with a quotproductquot that is not exchangeable with a contracted service company who039s business is solely to make these exchanges. So, Gain Capital has one or more problems that can be identified as a scamunethical practice and please understand they will operate in this manner I was a client for years.

They have technology that is seemingly faulty when it does not benefit the company, they manually shut down suspend trades, or have routine liquidity problems to cover their own debts, ect. With Gain providing white label solutions for a variety of companies it would behoove of investorstraders to understand these issues are not isolated to forex and have been addressed, without resolve, to Gain Capital and their legal team.

At best this is an unethical and immoral company. At worst they are the scam that so many have already labeled them. Das Winning Trade System Stock Market Phenomenon - Free Investing und Trading-Strategie WIE GERADE EINEN ODD STOCK MARKET PHENOMENON MADE MICH DAS PHENOMENON - Eine Entdeckung, die die Art und Weise I Trade Stocks Forever Dies ist nicht normal. Menschen machen einfach nicht diese Art von Geld auf dem Markt jeden Tag und das ist wahr.

Sie dont, I dont Wie Sie in meinem Gewinnen-Handelssystem gesehen haben, mache ich ziemlich gute Gewinne auf dem Markt. Aber nichts wie heute. Tage wie diese sind ungewöhnlich zu sagen, die am wenigsten, aber sie kommen oft genug, dass, wenn Sie wollten Sie nichts anderes Handel und machen ein ziemlich gutes Leben daran. Und seine verdammt einfach. Es ist die einfachste Markt-Setup Ive jemals gesehen. 27 in einem Tag der ersten Zeit Ich nutzte dieses Phänomen und dies ist ein Bericht über genau, wie ich es getan.

Die meisten Leute denken sein unmögliches mindestens für den durchschnittlichen Händler. Und der durchschnittliche Händler ist natürlich skeptisch, weil sie nicht diese Art von Geld machen und glauben, es sei unmöglich. Aber ich ZERTIFIZIERTE, dass das, was Sie gerade lesen, wirklich geschehen ist. Ich habe es mit einem REAL MONEY-Konto dies ist nicht Papierhandel.

Nicht einer der Screenshots in diesem Bericht sind retuschiert, geändert oder geändert, um das Ergebnis in anyway. Heres genau, was passiert am Tag dieser Fallstudie Vor ein paar Jahren bemerkte ich etwas Merkwürdiges auf dem Markt. Diese Seltsamkeit tritt etwa 3 bis 4 Mal pro Jahr in einem normalen Markt, häufiger, wenn der Markt beginnt zu volatil wie es von September 2008 bis März 2009 getan hat. Ich studierte dieses Phänomen für etwa 2 Jahre, bevor ich die Nerven tatsächlich Beginnen, es zu handeln.

Ich empfehle Ihnen, das gleiche zu tun - studieren Sie es sorgfältig, bevor Sie es handeln und nicht viel Geld zu starten. Dont worry es passiert oft genug, dass youll haben viele Chancen so dont hetzen. Die Volatilität war damals hoch. Eines Tages ging der Markt um 500 Punkte, der nächste lag er um 700 Punkte iqoption nodejs. Man Wenn ich in diesem Zeitraum davon gewusst hätte, dass Sie diesen Bericht jetzt nicht lesen würden.

Ich würde es nicht geschrieben haben, denn gerade jetzt bin ich auf einem Strand irgendwo nippen ein schönes kühles Getränk beobachten die Gezeiten rollen in meinen Gewinn genießen. Ich bemerkte dies im Herbst 2008 während des Marktrückgangs. Ok, es ist schön zu träumen, aber während Im genießen, dass Getränk können Sie auch wetten Im beobachten die ersten 30 Minuten des Handels, um zu sehen, wenn das Phänomen an diesem Tag geschieht Also meine Studie von diesem Zeitraum von 2008-2009 öffnete meine Augen, etwas, das Ist wirklich phänomenal.

Eine Marktaberration. Ein seltsames Ereignis, dass, aus welchem Grund auch immer funktioniert. Und arbeitet zuverlässig gut. Als ich dieses Phänomen am 9. April 2009 wieder auftauchte, tauchte ich zuerst in den Handelskopf und schwamm, bis ich am Ende des Pools das Ende des Handels für diesen Tag erreichte. Es fing genau so an, wie ich es erwartet hatte. Der Markt war an diesem Tag, die DOW bis deutlich, die SP500 gapped höher zusammen mit der NASDAQ und innerhalb der ersten 30 Minuten des Handels konnte ich sagen, es war wieder passiert Theres ein einziges Investment-Phänomen, das auftritt und wenn es das Geld, das kann Gemacht werden, ist gut, phänomenal.

Das erste Mal, dass ich diesen Trade am 9. April 2009 genutzt habe, habe ich diesen Screenshot von meinem PL ca. 30 Minuten in die Trading Session genommen A close up of the PL Ich habe nur die Wasserproben getestet um zu sehen ob die Dinge funktionieren würden aus. Youll bemerken, dass ich zwei verschiedene ETFs handelte. Die Oberseite Symbol URE fungierte besser als die zweite Symbol UYGso entschied ich mich, die obere ETF, URE zu handeln.

Wie Sie sagen können, hatte Ive bereits eine ziemlich gute Sitzung. Ich war bis 883,94. Für die meisten Investoren und Händler thats ein ziemlich anständiger Tag und ich hätte damit zufrieden sein. Aber dieser Tag war anders. Es war, was ich einen True Trend Tag oder Double T Tag nenne. Heres, wie das Ende des Tages aussah A close up of the PL Ich traf UYG ein bisschen mehr und landete in positiven Territorium für den Tag-up 1.

109,71 - aber URE handelte besser und ich verbrachte meine Zeit fokussiert und Handel URE Für die Mehrheit des Tages endet mit einem Gewinn von 46. 582,56 für den Tag. Heres, was der Tag sah, wie auf dem Diagramm der URE Ich handelte an diesem Tag Basierend auf meiner Analyse des Marktes, die ich gerade für Daily Market Advantage fertig, sagte ich Abonnenten, dass der Markt im Begriff war, in eine starke Rallye-Phase gehen.

Dies war April 2009, nur ein paar Wochen, nachdem der Markt von der 2008-2009 sinken. Die DOW war rund 6. 500, wenn es Boden und war gerade erst anfangen, ein bisschen Rallye, aber ich war sicher, basierend auf meiner Analyse, dass wed eine Rallye mindestens auf der 10. Ok, also zurück zu diesem Tag also was ist ein True Trend Tag oder Double T Tag. - Sein ein Tag, der so perfekt mit einem starken Trend, dass seine fast IMPOSSIBLE, um nicht Geld zu machen.

Immer wenn ich sehe, dass dieses Phänomen innerhalb der ersten 30 Minuten des Handels stattfindet, setze ich mich hin und bemerke es. Ich storniere alle meine Termine für den Tag, Text meine Frau, dass seine ein Double T Tag dann ausschalten mein Handy, trennen mein Faxgerät, sperren meine Bürotür, haben Essen und Kaffee bereit an meiner Seite und nicht bewegen für die nächsten 6 Stunden oder so bis zum Ende.

Es ist so wichtig. Heres das Setup für einen DOUBLE T-Tag SETUP 1 Advance-Decline Signal Wenn der Markt rallying Geben Sie Ihre E-Mail unten, um das komplette Setup herunterzuladen. Das Komplette Setup wird auch in einem speziellen Bericht gezeigt, der mit dem Winning Trade System kommt. SETUP 2 Aufwärts-Lautstärkeregelung Das ist so wichtig wie Setup 1.

Sie können nicht nur eines dieser Signale handeln. Sie müssen beide für diese zu arbeiten. Das komplette Setup wird in einem speziellen Bericht angezeigt - Free Today Nehmen Sie eine LANG-Position ein, wenn Setup 1 2000 ist und halten, und das Setup 2 trending UP. Nehmen Sie eine KURZ-Position ein, wenn Setup 1 -2000 ist, und Setup 2 trennt DOWN. Halten Sie bis zum Schließen und Ausfahren Position Dies funktioniert am besten mit INDEX ETFs und kann sogar mit 2X ETFs und sogar 3X ETF für DAY TRADE nur.

So dort haben Sie es. Der Beweis ist in den Profiten Ist das noch heute funktioniert.

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